SPIbelt SPIband Wristband Wristbelt

I got 3 faboo things in Austin this weekend:

  • A band spankin’ new PR
  • A really cute T-shirt that I’ve already run in
  • A SPIbelt wristband (or SPIband wristbelt? or Wrist SPI thingy. I’m not sure what it’s called!)

I couldn’t wait to test this bad boy out, so I wore it on my wrist during a 6 mile run on Tuesday. I normally wear a SPIbelt around my waist with my cell phone and my keys while I run. It can be a pain when someone calls or I try to pull my phone out to take pictures. (I’m paranoid about losing my keys!) With the wrist SPIband, I could keep my keys and phone separate. Nothing is in danger of getting lost!

The wristband fit me perfectly, not too tight or too loose. I was also able to easily fit in my car key, house key, and mail key no problem. I was worried that there might be some jingle-jangling going on (which I can’t stand!), but everything stayed in place. My wrist did get a tad sweaty, but it was a strangely warm day. (We’ve been getting weather in the 70’s lately!) That said, this might not be the best bet during the summer when it will be even warmer.

The other thing that I don’t like, I feel like I’m on an episode of Saved by the Bell with this thing on. (Buddy Bands, anyone?)

I wondered if the wristband would give me a strange tan. Surely if I wore it regularly it would. I already have a weird tan on my leg from the knee strap that a wear, and let’s be honest, no one gives a hoot about my tan lines, so that doesn’t bother me. If you care about your tan lines, it might be an issue.

I definitely see myself wearing the wristband more often. It’s just the right size and gives me peace of mind about the location of my keys. I don’t know that I’ll wear it all the time, but I like that I have the option.

What do you do with all your junk while you workout? Are you a wristband type of person or is it to Saved by the Bell for ya?*