I’m getting my legs waxed this week, and I am scared. I put out a call on Facebook asking for suggestions of local places that do that sort of thing. The immediate response was, “Don’t do it! Ouch! You crazy! Etc!” Say wha? I just wanted to know where to go; I didn’t want to know reasons why not. I’ve already firmly made up my mind to do it because:

  1. I’m going on vacay to Australia and waxed legs seem like they’d be useful there.
  2. I’ve turned into a wooly mammoth over the course of the winter.
  3. I haven’t seen my husband in over 250 days, and I would prefer to be hairless upon our reunion.

So my mind is made up: I want to be hairless, very hairless. I did eventually get a good recommendation, and I called up the European Wax Center. According to their website, EWC uses, “COMFORT WAX™.  Our unique wax is designed for optimal guest comfort and performance.  European Wax Center takes pride in our position as the industry leader in comfortable and healthy body wax.” Well, that sounds nice.

When I called to make an appointment I was told that if it’s your first visit, you get a discount on a Brazilian wax. Never one to turn down a good deal, I booked it. Now I’m trying not to wet myself. Brazilian wax = scary. If you don’t know, a Brazilian wax eliminates all your hair down there, all of it. The website even offers this little gem: “including the back area often referred to as the butt strip.” Gulp! What did I get myself in to? I know I can always change my mind when I get there or tell them, “No, no, leave that hair.” At the same time, I’m totally intrigued by the whole thing, and I want to do it.

My current plan of attack is:

  • Take Tylenol 30 minutes before the appointment.

That’s all I got so far. Any other suggestions for this novice waxee on how to survive a Brazilian? Is it really that bad? (I mean, I got a tattoo. Surely this can’t worse than that, right?) Help!*

28 thoughts on “Waxpectations

  1. I know that you already made the appointment but just to give you a warning.. it hurts a lot more if you get it done closer to before your period versus after. Just because you are more sensitive before. It’s survivable either way but after your period is like a walk in a park comparatively. Also, did you give yourself at least a couple days before you see your hubby? It’s gonna be sensitive for a little bit.

    You’ll be fine though! It’s not as scary/bad as everyone makes it out to be.

  2. Hairless huh…I hope this doesn’t include your head!* Love you, be brave, and “attack the wax!”

  3. You are too funny.. I can’t help in anyway but just wanted you to know your anxieties are cute. I’m sure you will be fine since you had the tattoo.

  4. I recommend Laser Hair Removal! I have done so many places, I’m addicted. I don’t think you would be able to do all of that before you go on your trip, but for the future, think about it. It is really great and lasts a lot longer. There are deals on Groupon all the time.

  5. You are a braver woman than I am!

  6. I am a fan of sugaring, which is less painful than wax. I have done both so I can compare. Being a veteran in the waxing field, I can say that the bikini wasn’t bad, but as they get closer in, it becomes a little less tolerable. I had to start with bikini, then deep bikini, and didn’t do brazilian til my third visit. Now I just stick to deep bikini (although I did get conned into a brazilian on a recent visit!)

    • I like your idea of working up to it. Maybe I’m not ready for the whole enchilada, but I could go deep bikini.

      Tell me more about this sugaring. Does it rub the hair off or what?*

  7. You’re so brave! Let us know how it goes because I’ve always wondered! I’m too chicken to try that!

  8. Long time lurker coming out🙂

    I lived in Miami for a few years and since I spent so much time in a bikini, a brazilian was the way to go. They really arent THAT bad especially if you can handle a tattoo. Just make sure to voice any concerns and tell them if you’re in pain or the wax is too hot, etc. Usually it’s quick (15 min-ish), they might trim before they start, and some places even have numbing cream. It’s completely worth it though! Good luck!

  9. You make me laugh! I haven’t any tips for you because I’m not that brave. The only waxing I’ve ever done is eyebrow waxing and that’s a piece of cake. Good luck!

    • I’ve gotten my eyebrows threaded, which I actually love. It hurts, but it’s over so quick and they very precise. Plus, they have thread in the mouth, so no awkward conversations.*

      • You know, I imagine the awkward conversation level is turned up a thousand notches when someone is waxing your lady parts. It’s hard enough to talk to the hairdresser, let alone the woman who is ripping hair from your body. On the bright side, at least the waxing lady won’t ask about your kids like your hairdresser does. 😉

  10. You are a brave, brave woman. I don’t think I could do it. But then again, I’ve had lasers in that area and I can barely take that. Good luck on your hair free mission! I’m thinking the Tylenol is probably a good idea.

  11. European Wax Center is great! I went there last summer before I went to the beach for a week, and it turned out to be a great decision! I didn’t have to worry about shaving the whole time, and that just made the vacation all the more relaxing. It is a little intimidating/scary/painful to just go for a brazilian your first time (that’s what I did too), but once it’s over I think it’s definitely worth it! Mine took about 30-45 minutes, and then I was hair free for like 3 whole weeks.

    • It’s good to know that your visit took more like 30+ minutes. Everyone has been saying 15, so if mine goes longer, I know not to freak out. Laurie was actually the one who suggested EWC to me. I’m glad to hear another good review of the place.*

  12. Go girl! I have never done a leg wax, but have definitely done a brazillian. I remember it hurting a little, but honestly it goes by quickly. Taking tylenol before is an excellent idea! I’ll be curious to hear how your experience goes. Even though it seemed pretty intense at the time, I’ve done it a few times. So it must not have been too horrible. LOL! Good luck!

  13. I once took advantage of a deal to get a very affordable Brazilian wax done. I won’t kid you, it does hurt – but the process is fairly quick. And once it’s done you’ll be a very happy camper for several weeks!!! From what I hear, too, waxing is most painful the first time. Then it gets less painful with subsequent waxes since your hair follicles eventually get “used” to it. In any event, though, since you’re going on vacation and getting to see your husband after such a long time, the waxing will be totally worth it!!!

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