I’m getting my legs waxed this week, and I am scared. I put out a call on Facebook asking for suggestions of local places that do that sort of thing. The immediate response was, “Don’t do it! Ouch! You crazy! Etc!” Say wha? I just wanted to know where to go; I didn’t want to know reasons why not. I’ve already firmly made up my mind to do it because:

  1. I’m going on vacay to Australia and waxed legs seem like they’d be useful there.
  2. I’ve turned into a wooly mammoth over the course of the winter.
  3. I haven’t seen my husband in over 250 days, and I would prefer to be hairless upon our reunion.

So my mind is made up: I want to be hairless, very hairless. I did eventually get a good recommendation, and I called up the European Wax Center. According to their website, EWC uses, “COMFORT WAX™.  Our unique wax is designed for optimal guest comfort and performance.  European Wax Center takes pride in our position as the industry leader in comfortable and healthy body wax.” Well, that sounds nice.

When I called to make an appointment I was told that if it’s your first visit, you get a discount on a Brazilian wax. Never one to turn down a good deal, I booked it. Now I’m trying not to wet myself. Brazilian wax = scary. If you don’t know, a Brazilian wax eliminates all your hair down there, all of it. The website even offers this little gem: “including the back area often referred to as the butt strip.” Gulp! What did I get myself in to? I know I can always change my mind when I get there or tell them, “No, no, leave that hair.” At the same time, I’m totally intrigued by the whole thing, and I want to do it.

My current plan of attack is:

  • Take Tylenol 30 minutes before the appointment.

That’s all I got so far. Any other suggestions for this novice waxee on how to survive a Brazilian? Is it really that bad? (I mean, I got a tattoo. Surely this can’t worse than that, right?) Help!*