Streaking: Week 4

Good morning, all! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine involved kayaking, going to a movie, watching my mother-in-law cook, and all that left me exhausted! (Yes, watching other people work is quite tiring stuff.) Between all that I did manage to do some running, some pushing-upping, and some planking.

Runner’s World Summer Running Streak Challenge:

  • Days run in a row: 28
  • Longest run this week: 1.55 miles on Friday
  • Fastest mile this week: 9:42 (I ran it yesterday)
  • Geronimo’s days in a row so far: 15

I gave Geronimo a day off on Friday. He ended up running 15 days in a row and loving every single run. He didn’t love me giving him a day off, though. He had too much pent-up energy and ended up eating a 6 inch veggie sub from Subway that I had left on the counter while I ran some errands. (Thanks for that, G-mo! You owe me $2.50!) He’s not normally one to chew on things or get into food or get on the counter. I blame myself for not running him and then leaving the sub out.

Did you eat my sub?!

Only 10 runs left in the streaking challenge. Then it will probably be time for a brief running hiatus. At least at this level. Running every single day (even though the runs are short) is tough. It takes me back to my New Years Double training when I had to do long runs on Saturdays and Sundays. How in the heck did I survive that?

Life is a Run Tone It Up Challenge:

  • Days in a row of a plank + push-ups: 21
  • Longest plank: 52.5 seconds
  • Most push-ups at once: 20

My new plank record!*

I went 21 days in a row doing my push-ups and planks, before I skipped a day. On Friday, I just couldn’t bring myself to do a single push-up or plank for even a mere second. (Translation: I was really lazy.) I still ran that day, which seems kind of opposite; you’d think if I was to skip something, it’d be the run. Alas, the streak is dead, but I have continued since then, and I do intend to get in my push-ups and plank through the end of the month. The challenge ends on the 30th, so what’s a few more days?

My goal for this week is to finish out the Tone It Up Challenge on a high. I’m aiming for a 60 second plank and 25 push-ups.

Have a good week, y’all!*

12 thoughts on “Streaking: Week 4

  1. homegirl you are kickin’ butt and taking names! Go you!!🙂

  2. Impressed with all the days in a row of running! But even more impressed with 20 push ups in a row. Wow. Good job!🙂

  3. You’re rocking so many challenges! My personal trainer hosted a plank-a-day challenge this month, but I fell off the bandwagon. I don’t know why I couldn’t stick with it – I love planks!

  4. I leave nothing on the counters because my dog is an evil counter surfer (and top of the refrigerator). She ate one of C’s bottles the other day.

  5. Sub-eating aside, Geronimo just looks like such an awesome dog.

  6. Giiirl, you are doing great!! Awesome new plank record!

  7. AMAZING. 20 push-ups in a row is FANTASTIC. I can barely do one push-up. Seriously. And 28 days of consecutive running? AWESOME.

    G-mo ate your entire veggie sub? I know it must have been so annoying, but I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when I heard this. This is because the pets I had when I was growing up would NEVER eat any kind of vegetables or fruits! I am glad that G-mo is more health-conscious in that sense. =D

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