Three Things Thursday: Themeless Edition

I generally come up with some kind of theme to tie together the three things I discuss in my “Three Things Thursday” posts. I couldn’t come up with anything this week. Instead, you get a random sampling of thoughts floating around in my brain. You’re welcome.

1. Mango sorbet = sweet nectar of life.

My Yale friend Bianca is in the DFW area this summer working on her PhD, so we’ve been getting together semi-regularly. (We met years ago working the same crummy summer job at Texas Tech. I always refer to her as my Yale friend because that’s AMAZING that she is getting her PhD there, and it makes me sound smart to lump myself in with her!) She came over on Tuesday and we played Mario Kart, watched Pretty Little Liars, and enjoyed mango sorbet. Such sweetness has not graced my tummy in quite some time. Soo good. I could eat it every day of the week. Three cheers for mango sorbet!

2. Today is my big brother’s 30th birthday! (Prince William is also turning 30 today. Just so ya know.)

My brother is not Benjamin Button; this is an old picture. Circa 1984 when I was fresh out da womb.

Mike is a seriously good brother. I have always looked up to him. From when we were little and I’d obnoxiously follow around him and his friends, to when he was a senior and I was a freshman and he’d give me life advice, to when he went off to Baylor because he was a smarty pants, to now that he’s old but wise and generous. I could not ask for a better big brother! (Well, except for that time he yelled at me really badly on our vacation in the Bahamas. I could have done without that.) Happy Birthday, Mike!

3. No, I do not want a credit card. I said good day! I was at JCPenney the other day buying a plethora of clothes that I don’t need and a fedora (which I definitely needed) and a suitcase. When I was checking out, the cashier asked me if I wanted to open a JCPenney charge card. Being that I once worked at JCP, I knew that she was asking me not because she wanted to ask, but because she had to. I politely declined with the, “Umm…No, not today.” (That’s my “thoughtful” answer. As in, “I’m thinking about this offer, and I’ve decided to decline.”) Then she said, “Well you’d save 10%. That’d be $15 off this suitcase and 10% off the rest of your stuff, too.” I held firm and remained polite. “No, I don’t think so.” She came back with “Really?” and offered me the credit card again!

Dammit, lady! I’m trying to be nice here! You gotta ask me, but I don’t gotta say yes. And I know you have a quota, but you are ruining my retail therapy high with your credit card pushing ways. I don’t want the credit card. I didn’t want it the first time you asked me or the second time. You are not changing my mind. Then I had to give her the stink eye to get her to stop forcing her credit card on me. No means no!*

16 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Themeless Edition

  1. Mango sorbet! Me want!

    When folks like JCP ask if I have/am paying with a store card, I always say “no and no thank you” to cut them off before then even ask if I want to get one! Apparently that gets the message across that there’s no convincing me. Perhaps you were too nice, Amy. Too nice!!😛

    Happy Birthday brother!

    • I was too nice! I’m really trying to change that about myself and be mean, mean, mean!🙂 *

      • …she says with a smile…

        See, you just need Stephen there to stick his tall self in front of you and say with the deepest, manliest voice possible “no she does not want to open a card.” Nobody would mess with that!

  2. Did you notice that I left the sorbet in your freezer? You can enjoy it again! Have more!😀

  3. Amy, you just tell them you already have a credit card but don’t want to use it. And sorbet of any kind is awesome. And June birthdays rock!

    • I have tried to pull that trick at NY&Co, and they always come back with telling me if I use it, I’ll get x% off on top of my purchase. Nothing irritates me more than the pushy retail people pushing their silly cards on me. I have gone so far as to walk away from the register, with no bags in hand, to make a point to these people.

      • When she asked if I had a JCP card, I should have gone with, “Yes, but I’m paying cash today,” or something along those lines. I should never have opened the door. But seriously, way too pushy! Good for you Wendi for not putting up with it!*

  4. As a former cashier, I will say she probably just wants the commission from getting you to sign up. That, and she is probably required to ask 87 times. That was always a big pet peeve of mine with that kind of job.

    I agree with you though, it is super annoying on the receiving end as well.

    • When I worked at Penney’s there was so much pressure to get credit cards, that some of the younger employees (high school girls) would punch in random numbers for social security numbers and make up names. They quit before they got fired for it, but (a) that is seriously wrong, and (b) the pressure shouldn’t be that intense!*

  5. Sheesh, I hate persistent sales people. As if them asking twelve times will make you change your mind. No means no, JCP sales lady.

    Happy birthday to your brother!

  6. I hate when store people try to force stuff on you. So annoying. And I would be horrible if I’d have to do it. I can not sell stuff to people.

  7. mmm mango sorbet, sounds really good and a whole lot less messy than fresh mango’s. maybe you could make some with your vitamix??? yeah i really hate pushy sales people, i know it’s their job, but really???? what part of NO do you not understand?

  8. You were at JCP? When? Which one? Teal did too!!

    • I worked at the JCP in Lubbock when I was a senior in college, so 2006-2007. Not a bad gig, but not a great gig. And working their while student teaching was an interesting challenge.*

  9. Man that lady was pushy! I usually just say I have that store credit card (so they won’t ask me to apply for one) then lie about why I’m not using that day. It makes it easier sometimes. But seriously, no should mean no! I worked at Sears in highschool, so I exactly know the feeling of trying to meet a quota though.

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