Sseko Sandals!

Not long after posting about my Sseko’s last week, they arrived!

I’m obsessed with them right now. I just wish I had more ensembles to wear them with. (Or that I was better at putting together ensembles.) I’ve tried a few different styles and worn them on short errands as a sort of “test run.” I’m glad I didn’t wear them to a party or anywhere where I knew people the first time. I was rocking the above style at Target, when they got all loosey goosey on me. I ended up having to re-tie them a few times in the store. Le sigh.

I learned from this: you must tie ’em supa tight! I had tied them gently and lovingly. They don’t want to be tied that way. They want you to pull that strap tight!

I am also loving the fact that the website has videos that teach you how to do each tie. I’m a visual learner, so I’d be lost otherwise. The “Classic Thong” style (top left and bottom right in the above picture) is my current favorite way to wear them. It’s a really easy style to tie, cute, comfortable, and I haven’t had any issues with the tie coming undone. I’ll definitely need to work my way up to any more difficult styles.

My friend Melissa (who first introduced me to the sandals) also pointed out that they have some new chiffon straps on the website. Ooh. Aaah. I foresee myself getting at least one other pair of straps. Some of them only cost $10! How can I pass that up? Now to decide, what other color should I get???*

13 thoughts on “Sseko Sandals!

  1. Those are really cute! When you posted about them before, I was wondering how hard it would be to do all the styles. I bought this skirt in Vegas once that you can wear as a dress or a skirt like, 10 different ways. The person I bought it from showed me how to do it and I watched the video, but for the life of me, I still cannot make it into anything but a wraparound skirt. I spent $80 for that. So annoyed. So glad you’re liking these!

    • That was my fear with the sandals. That there are a million ways you can wear them, but that I would only actually be able to figure out one or two ways to wear them. Thankfully that isn’t so. Now I just need to work on tying them tight, tight, tight.*

  2. I can’t believe you learned all those styles in such a short amount of time! You must be a sandal-tying prodigy.

    I’m lovin the Sprig green. Can you mix two different laces in one sandal? That’d be super fun!!

    • Green! Oh I like that idea! I don’t think two laces would fit in one sandal hole, but my mom is convinced that she could very easily make the straps, and if she made ’em thinner than the ones they sell, it’d be very doable. I like the way you think!*

  3. Love, love, LOVE those sandals!!! I am surprised that they need to be laced up so tightly, too – I would be really scared to do so because of potential blisters and worrying that I would break the straps. I like the metallic strap colors and the Summer Sorbet Chiffon color (although that name makes me hungry for dessert, LOL).

    • Haha! That color name also makes me hungry! No blister action yet, but I don’t think I’d wear these to go sightseeing or to the zoo. But for shopping at the mall or visiting my mom for lunch (that’s what I did today and I wore ’em), they are just right.*

  4. look at your fancy feet! love them! and yes, you gotta tie em tight so they don’t slip off your feet. i haven’t worn mine in a while… might be time to bust them out!

  5. The chiffon straps are pretty but seem a little too fancy for everyday wear… but I really like the purple or navy straps and the starboard straps!

    Is it time consuming to tie them in all those different designs?

    • No, it’s not very time consuming at all. The videos are maybe 2 minutes long. It usually takes me a little bit longer to tie my sandals than that because I’ll need to pause to pull the strap really tight or force it through the loop. I wore them to lunch with my mom today and it literally took me 3 minutes to lace ’em up.*

  6. I definitely love the color of them.

  7. How long are the straps?

    • Long! I didn’t see that information on the website, so I pulled mine out to measure them. Then I couldn’t find the tape measure (go figure). My highly unscientific measurement is that each strap is the length of my entire wing span. (My arms spread out wide, each end held in one hand, the strap was the entire width.) Plenty long enough. I’ve even seen some tutorials on youtube where they fold the strap in half so it is thicker and you have less extra to tie off at the end.*

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