Streaking: Week 2

We are 11 Days into June, and both my of streaking challenges are still alive! I now have a few streaking challenges related facts for your enjoyment.

Runner’s World Summer Streaking Challenge Facts:

  • Days run in a row: 14
  • Longest run: 3 miles (on Memorial Day) All the rest of my runs are between 1 mile and 1.36 miles.
  • Fastest run: 1 mile in 9:56 the day after Memorial Day
  • Number of runs on the treadmill: 1 (It rained on hard last Wednesday. No way I was getting my tresses wet.)

My running spot, a 1 mile round trip from my door to here and back.

Life is a Run Tone it Up Challenge Facts:

  • Days in a row that I’ve done push-ups + a plank: 10
  • Longest plank: 38.3 seconds. (That seems very lucky since 38 was Stephen’s lacrosse number in high school, and 3 was my high school volleyball number.)
  • Shortest plank: 25.2 (on the 1st. They’ve been lasting longer and longer.)
  • Most push-ups in one sitting: 9 (on the 4th and yesterday)
  • Fewest push-ups in one sitting: 5 (on the 3rd) push-ups are hard!
  • Muscles that hurt after doing push-ups/planks: all (I repeat, push-ups are hard!)

There are 20 days remaining in the Tone It Up Challenge and 24 left in the summer running streak. That sounds like a lot, but at this point, I am on a roll. It takes me 15 minutes tops to run a mile, do my max number of push-ups, and hold a plank as long as I can. 15 minutes a day is a pretty easy commitment for me to keep.

I never used to be a fan of streaking (I’m a girl fiercely devoted to rest days), but these challenges have been a good boost for me. Just enough to get me going, not so much to wear me out or get me overwhelmed. I’m just gonna cross my fingers that I can continue to keep the streak alive!*

9 thoughts on “Streaking: Week 2

  1. A lot of girls can’t do ANY push ups, so you are rocking those out. I love when I see other girls do push ups too.🙂

  2. If Stephen was there, would he pick on your push-up form? I have a feeling my boyfriend would do that to me.

    Keep it up!!!

  3. You are doing awesome!! And love that connection to Stephen! =)

  4. Great job! Streaking… I mean, streaks… can be fun.😉

  5. I’ve only done one streak, on my own- one month of at least one hour of some sort of exercise a day. At first it was great, but that I lost steam- obligation totally kills things for me.

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