Three Things Thursday: Lazy Summer Edition

Here’s what 3 things on are on my mind this week:

1. I’m totally patootie at taking care of myself when it comes to being structure-less. I take naps, totally jacking up my sleep schedule. I eat snacks at weird times and in large quantities, messing up my eating schedule. (I had to call my mom because I forgot how to grocery shop. True story.) The only area I don’t totally suck at right now is working out, thanks to my two streaking challenges. I really gotta get the food and sleep stuff under control.Why is summer so hard!

2. My oodles of free time have aided me in becoming obsessed with Veronica Mars. SoapNet airs the show twice a day on weekdays and three times on a day on Saturday and Sunday. How is it that I managed to never, not once, watch this show when it was actually new. Now I’m seeing re-runs all out-of-order. But will that stop me? No. I have watched and will continue to watch many an episode of Veronica Mars so that I might delight in Veronica’s snappy comebacks, interesting hair choices, poor decision-making regarding who she dates, and mystery-riddled episodes. It’s good stuff, I’m telling ya.

3. On another tv-related note, my Viggle-ing has gotten out of control. (If ya hadn’t heard, Viggle is an iPhone app that gets you points for watching tv. Those points can buy you things, like Starbucks gift cards. And yes, it is legit; I haven’t spent actual money on a frappuccino in months.) I am now able to check in to shows all day long (because my life is just that interesting) and to click on the commercials on the app to get maximum pointage. Maybe I should use my gobs of Viggle points to buy a frappuccino for someone else or to leave a loaded gift card somewhere as a random act of kindness. I shouldn’t save all the Starbucks-y goodness for just me. Hm. I shall think on this more.

And, least you think it’s all sunshine and sleeping in over here,

A. It rained yesterday.


B. I’m currently on day two of a three day workshop that has me waking up at 6 am to get there on time. 6. AM. As in, the morning.*

10 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Lazy Summer Edition

  1. I vaguely remember watching a few episodes of Veronica Mars. I liked the father/daughter dynamic.

    6am isn’t too bad; only one more day!

    • 6 am is hard! I’ve already been spoiled by the sweet nectar that is summer! But you’re right, I can handle one more early morning. But no more after this! Only noon wake-up calls after this workshop is over!*

  2. Viggle rocks. Thanks again for the tip on it! I’ve gotten a bunch of CVS gift certificates through Viggle and had fun blowing them on things like nail polish. =) I click on all the Viggle commercials, too – but in lieu of watching them, I turn the volume on my phone to mute and then walk away to do something else (shhhhh…)

    A 3-day workshop that has you waking up at 6 AM?!?!? Yikes! Glad that tomorrow’s the last day you have to get up that early!!!

    • Ah yes, the beauty of Viggle! My bff and her husband use all their Viggle points to buy Lowe’s gift cards. Lowe’s apparently has a huge wall of gift cards in their store, so they use that Lowe’s gift card to buy gift cards to anywhere else (amazon, visa, restaurants, all kinds of stuff!). That’s too much work for me, so I stick to Starbucks, but it’s a genius idea.*

  3. I don’t really watch TV but maybe I should start!

  4. I always forget to use the Viggle app! Argh! Also, I wanted to say you should do an update post on your Australia trip when you get it planned out:) I’m just being selfish though because my hubby and I are headed there in August for his R&R! I’m also super nervous about packing. We are doing Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Whitsundays, and Cairns. So it’ll be a range of reallyyyy cold and (hopefully) warm beaches! I live in Hawaii though, so I’m worried that the Australia winter will be too cold for me.

  5. Viggle is another reason why I need to get an iphone.

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