Dallas Marathon Kickoff 6.4K

Yesterday my mom and I attended the Dallas Marathon 6.4k Kickoff event. (6.4k because it was hosted by Miller 64. Weird distance, right?) It was billed as being walker-friendly with live music and food trucks. How could we say no? The “race” (it was untimed, does that still make it a race?) was along White Rock Lake.

Can you see the Dallas skyline across the lake?

It was a gorgeous day and not too hot (which isn’t always the case in Texas in May). The event was sold-out, but it was capped at 500 people (I think) so it wasn’t too crazy or crowded. We were able to get our bibs and shirts and hang out without too much fuss prior to the start of the race.

At 7pm, the DJ led a countdown, and then everybody took off. Since Mom and I were walking, we started toward the back and went at the speed that felt right to us.

We were only a mile in when we saw the leader already heading back toward the finish. He was going super fast, but he didn’t look like he was hurting or anything,¬†as if¬†Ludicrous Speed is his normal pace. Not to mention, the next runners were pretty far behind him.

Right about 2 miles in, we hit the turnaround point and headed back toward the start/finish. There were a few other walkers, but the ones behind us were pretty far behind and the ones ahead were mostly too far ahead to catch. There was one girl we had our eye on that we wanted to pass, but she picked up the pace toward the end and we couldn’t do it. Ah well. It was fun trying.

Our stats:

  • 4.02 mile finish time: 1:05:21
  • Average pace: 16:15

I love doing races with my mom! We talked, talked, talked the whole time. I’m sure I exhausted my mom with all my talk about school/work, my husband, my life! Ha! Thanks for listening, Mom!

We wanted to hit up the food trucks after the race, but they weren’t really speaking to us. We decided that we wanted something from a truck but probably not dinner. We ended up getting ice cream sandwiches from the Coolhaus truck.

You chose your cookie and your ice cream. (Mix and match food – my fave!) I had a potato chip and butterscotch cookie with vanilla ice cream. Mom got an oatmeal cookie with balsamic fig and mascarpone ice cream. (No joke!) We both thought our selections tasted good but disappointingly normal. The flavors were more muted than we expected.

Yes, those are pieces of potato chips in my cookie!

After we ate our ice cream, it was time for dinner. (Isn’t that how it should always be?) My mom treated to sub sandwiches from The Great Outdoors (my all time favorite sub place) and then we parted ways. Not a bad way to kick off the fanfare for the Dallas Marathon and certainly not a bad way for me to kick off my summer!*