Putting my Boys to the Test

I’m currently reading the book Soldier Dogs – The Untold Story of America’s Canine Heroes by Maria Goodavage. It’s pretty good, although it is mostly a hodge podge of information. (I will say it has two things I really like: short chapter and pictures!) I was reading it in class the other day when I came across a paragraph that says, “They [dogs] study us. They observe us. They smell changes in our very chemistry. They learn to predict us. They know us in ways our human partners sometimes do not.”

The book is specifically talking about dogs and soldiers who have been deployed together. While neither Geronimo nor I have been deployed, I do pretty much consider him my battle buddy. We’ve spent 15 months together without Stephen (basic + deployment will do that to ya.) and we know each other very well. G-mo knows when I’m brushing my teeth in the morning that I’m fixing to leave for work. (He always lays down on the couch and waits for me to pat his head before I leave.) When I say “Bed time” he trots into bed. If my Garmin beeps, Geronimo comes running over looking for his leash. The kid knows me! But does he know me better than my husband does? I had to put it to the test to find out.

I devised an Amy quiz which Stephen and Geronimo took separately. The questions were:

  1. When is Amy’s birthday? (October 25th)
  2. What is Amy’s favorite color? (Purple)
  3. What is Amy’s favorite food? (Answers may vary)

I can tell you that Stephen got three out of three correct. (He said his French toast is my favorite food. Now I really wish he was here to make it; that French toast is the shizz!) Way to go, Honey! You know me well!

Next up, Geronimo’s turn. I was surprised to discover that he knew my birthday.

Why didn’t you buy me a birthday present last year then, G-mo??? He wasn’t able to figure out what my favorite colors is. (His guess was orange – blarg.) Maybe it’s because he’s color blind? Maybe that’s not a fair question.

As for my favorite food, I don’t even know what his guess was. When I’d ask Geronimo, “What mama’s favorite food?” he’d just pant. Probably because I said the word food. The verdict is: Stephen wins with a score of 3 to 1!

Stephen may be down range, but he still knows what’s up. I guess that comes with being together for eternity since junior year of high school. But I will say that Geronimo has been an incredible support  during this nasty, nasty deployment. He lets me complain about everything and he never judges me, he licks my face when I cry (hey, sometimes I just need to feel pitiful), he’s a good cuddle partner, he helps me stay active, and he’s just so darn cute. I really don’t think I could have survived deployment without him. Thanks, Geems. I owe ya one.

Do you think your pet knows you better than your partner does? Who else is impressed that Geronimo knew my birthday?*

12 thoughts on “Putting my Boys to the Test

  1. That’s one smart dog you have! Geronimo is definitely your battle buddy and I’m glad he’s been there to keep you company during these long months of separation.

  2. He probably said your fave color is orange b/c he’s orange! (well, orange-ish) A dog can dream!

    But hooray for Geronimo for being there for Army Amy🙂

  3. But G-Mo gets an A for effort right?? Love those pictures of him!! He’s cuute!

  4. I am truly amazed that Geronimo knew your birthday! (LOVE the expression on his face in that picture of him with the calendar…) I was thinking the same thing that he thought your favorite color is orange because of his own fur color. =D

    In all seriousness, though, I’ve heard these incredible stories of the things that our pets can sense. For example, there was one story about a dog-owner who was diabetic, and her dog could tell in advance when she was going to have a seizure. The dog would then warn her so she could prepare herself for it, or try to ward it off. Amazing!

    • Dogs are pretty amazing. The soldier dog book has me really impressed. Who knew dogs could do so much? Maybe not my dog (I have babied him way too much!), but other dogs gots skillz.*

  5. Boozers is totally adorable in these pics. Now…for your birthday- did he get the year and day??? I don’t think so Tim. Love you and the baby just the same!*

  6. I think one of my dogs (a Golden) may be more emotionally perceptive than my husband. Seriously.

  7. I thought about reading that book. Maybe I’ll add it to my 50+ to-read list. And maybe I need a dog…

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