Celebrity Marathon Times

I don’t know why, but I find celeb marathon times highly intriguing. I looked at them a bunch when I was training for my first full, and I didn’t think about them again until after I finished Big D. Here are a few that caught my eye (with my own times sprinkled in for comparison).

Al Roker – 7:09:00 (New York City Marathon, 2010)

Meredith Vieira – 5:59:00 (New York City Marathon, 2010)

My first full – 5:37:39 (Dallas White Rock Marathon, 2010) – I was happy with my time and the fact that I ran 26.2 miles. I was less happy that Jared Fogle beat me by so much.

Jared Fogle (the Subway guy) – 5:13:28 (New York City Marathon, 2010)

Al Gore – 4:54:25 (Marine Corps Marathon, 1997)

Oprah Winfrey – 4:29:15 (Marine Corps Marathon, 1994)

My 2nd full – 4:24:54  (Big D Texas Marathon, 2012) faster than Oprah, but not by much!

P. Diddy – 4:14:54  (New York City Marathon, 2003)

Bobby Flay – 4:01:37 – (New York City Marathon, 2010)

These next ones are all under 4 hours. A few, the non-athletes, really shocked me. Reading these lights a fire under me to train again.

Sarah Palin – 3:59:36 (Humpy’s Marathon, 2005)

Kerri Strug – 3:56:06 (New York City Marathon, 2008)

Will Ferrell – 3:56:12 (Boston Marathon, 2003)

Ryan Reynolds – 3:50:22 (New York City Marathon, 2008)

George W. Bush – 3:44:52 (Houston Marathon, 1993) – W. is faster than Ryan Reynolds!

Bjorn Ulvaeus (of ABBA)- 3:23:54 (Stockholm Marathon, 1980)

Lance Armstrong – 2:46:43 (New York City Marathon, 2007)

I think my new dream goal is to run a marathon faster than Bush. It might take me a while, but, 3:45 – I’m coming for ya! What celeb time would you want to beat?*

(PS I got all the times from this site and this site, so if they are wrong, don’t blame me!)

15 thoughts on “Celebrity Marathon Times

  1. Ha. That’s actually kind of cool. I feel like I need to beat Sarah Palin.. She just doesn’t seem that athletic and it’s more realistic for me at this point than W!🙂

  2. Lance Armstrong is riiiiiiidiculous.

  3. That’s really interesting!

  4. I’m not sure there’s anyone on that list I’d like to beat, specifically, but I wouldn’t cry if I ran a 4:15-4:20 marathon. I better get working on that ……

  5. It really, really bothers me that Oprah has done a marathon and I have not… I think it bothers me more that Bush did so well (we have issues).

    I think the important thing to remember is that they could afford to get trainers, expert advise, and probably dedicate more time to training that us regular working folks.

  6. I’m tellin you, Ryan Reynolds is my carrot. Could I just follow right behind him for 26.2 miles? Except for the last little bit… I’d kick it and pass him right at the finish so I could say I beat Ryan Reynolds (but enjoyed the view the whoooole time before that!)

  7. I think I might be able to beat Al Roker. That’s probably it, though!

  8. Oprah, I want to beat Oprah, well her marathon time that is. Then after I reach that, if I reach that, Sarah Palin is next on my list.

  9. So interesting! I feel better that i’ve atleast beat a few celebritys! LoL — but I guess there is still time to improve that time. Maybe this year! Woo hoo!

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