Mother’s Day in 2 Acts

Act 1, Scene 1

I spent Mother’s Day (way back on Sunday) with my in-laws at Blue Mesa Grill. Let me tell you a secret: I got to be a pretend mother. Caleb, my three-year-old nephew, was with us, and I played with him for hours. I love quizzing him. (That must be the teacher in me.) I talked to him about the names for different fingers, (you know, pointer, middle, pinkie) and then asked him to repeat them back to me. He pointed out cars in the street and things that were red or blue or white. He would randomly laugh and then I would randomly laugh. When we are walking to our table in the restaurant, he held my hand, and my shriveled little heart just about exploded. Precious!

Being silly.

He fell asleep on the ride home. I had to sneak a paparazzi photo of his lovableness! The best part – he doesn’t really belong to me, so when the fun is over, he went right back to his dad.

Act 1, Scene 2

Other than playing with Caleb, I loved getting to spend mother’s day with my mother-in-law. It’s no secret that this has been a really difficult year for me, and during this time, my relationship/friendship with Lori (the MIL) has really grown. She regularly invites to me things, even though I don’t always accept. She likes to have me over for dinner and she always makes sure to have something Amy-friendly to eat. I don’t mind chewing the fat with her over the phone for an hour or two. It’s so easy to be around Lori; I have no problem relaxing and being myself. I got really lucky in the mother-in-law department!

Act 2, Scene 1

I couldn’t have mother’s day without my mother! Both my brothers and I saw her the day before mother’s day (at my big brother’s engagement party), so it seemed liked a good idea to spread out our mother’s day to later in the week. We all met up at One 2 One in Frisco (where I’d eaten once before) for a post-mother’s-day-mother’s-day-dinner.

veggie sliders

The food was fantastic (natch) and the company couldn’t be beat. It can be tricky for all of us to get together, so I really try to treasure the time that we are. I’m pretty lucky considering I have an awesome mom, a mother-in-law I get along with, two fabulous grandmothers, and one grandmother-in-law! That’s a lot of mom action. While it was a little tiring for this homebody to have so much celebratin’, I can’t think of too many other things that deserve that much celebrating! Three cheers for all the moms out there!*

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day in 2 Acts

  1. That is a lot of celebratin’! I’m glad you have such a good support system of lovely ladies to help you through this hard year you’ve had. It’s cool that you enjoy spending time your mother-in-law.

  2. I’m suddenly starving. Also, kids are so much easier when you can give them back. People love to hold the baby until she does something moderately gross.

  3. Your nephew’s hair kills me. Love it!

    So glad you had a wonderful spread-out Mothers day!🙂

  4. I quiz my nephew all the time too! I really want to teach him the states and the presidents but I think he’s still a little too young. I’ll make a historian out of him yet!🙂

  5. Every post that you write including your MIL I think about how you really are lucky with such a good one! Not only one that’s really nice and all, but also that you enjoy your company! That’s so neat! Both of us are the same way w/our nephew(s)! They are so fun to hangout with and talk to, but it is also fun that at the end of it all they go back to their parents. Ha! Um, also, how do we not know about One 2 One?? I want to go NOW…like tonight for dinner! =)

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