Sharing vs. Showing Off

After reading this here bloggy, you might think that all I ever do in real life is talk about running. Ah, but it is not so. (Except for with my running buddies. We almost exclusively talk about running.) At work? With non-runners? I rarely talk about it.

When I was training for my first full back in 2010, all I did was talk about running. My husband and I would have never-ending conversations about pacing and breathing. Every single Facebook status that I wrote during that time included either a pace or a distance or a picture of me sweating it out after a long run. Even at work, my mind was one-track: running. This training cycle, however, mum has been the word. Por que? Because I feel like I’m a bragger!

From January to April, almost every single weekend I ran double digits and/or ran a race. I PR’ed 5 times (The Frigid 10k, The Trinity Levee Run, The Texas Half, Austin, and Big D). How many times can I wave the “I’m awesome flag” without driving everyone around me crazy? Maybe it’s because the first go around I wasn’t as confident in my running, so I didn’t feel like I was bragging. Now I think I’m hot stuff. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

I know that one-upmanship is definitely bragging. One-upping is when person a says something and person b (consciously or not) tries to trump them. For example:

  • Person A: I ran a 5k.
  • Person B: I ran a 10k.
  • Person A: I ran a 2:15 half marathon.
  • Person B: I ran a sub-2:00 half marathon.

My big brother is really bad about this. (That’s right, I’m putting him on Front Street.) His bff is married to a badass runner. (Badass as in, she doesn’t run races, she wins them, big ones.) Any time we talk about my running, my brother throws down that he knows someone who won Cowtown and runs a million miles a week and eats Boston Marathons for breakfast. He thinks he’s sharing, but really he’s showing off.

I try to avoid one-upmanship because it gets my goat so much. In fact, I like to leave my finish times out of the conversation unless the other person brings it up. We’re all different runners with different goals. No trumping is necessary.

I know that one-upping is showing off, but what about the rest of it? Where is the line between sharing and showing off? Do you talk about your running with coworkers/non-runners? Do you feel like a major bragger?*