Prom Season

I don’t know how it is in your town, but prom season is in full swing here. Prom pictures have been blowing up my Facebook news feed, prom sales have been advertised on the radio, and I even saw some kids pull over on the highway to take prom pictures in the grassy area to the side of the road. (That’s not normal.) All this promishness got me nostalgic for mine back in the day.

I loved prom! Stephen was my dates (obvs). For fun (and to mix things up a bit) we decided not to tell each other what we were going to wear. (Unlike homecoming. We intentionally went matchy-matchy to homecoming twice.) It was so fun to reveal our prom ensembles to each other on the day of. (Confession: I’m wearing my prom dress as I type this. No, it doesn’t fit. No, I don’t care; I’ll wear it anyway!)

Stephen had been in charge of getting the limo for the group that we were going to prom with. Everyone in the group wanted a black limo, but I thought we should get a white one (because it’d look better with my dress!). I vividly remember Stephen telling the group that the limo place was all out of black limos and only had white. The true story is that he requested white for me! My hero! (Go figure, I only have one limo picture of us, and you can’t even tell that it’s white!)

My friend Carlie had the picture enlagraged and put in a frame as a shower gift when Stephen and I got married. I love it!

We went out to dinner at a place called Maguire’s and then to the dance at the Hotel Intercontinental. Stephen and I danced the entire time we were there. (What else is there to do at prom, anyway?) We weren’t very good dancers, but we didn’t care. (Well, maybe he cared, but I sure didn’t.)

Post-prom we changed and drove up to the school. Every year the high school has a post-prom party with prizes and music and games. The idea is for kids to go there instead of off doing naughty or dangerous things. Post-post-prom, we went to my friend Scott’s house to sleep. His place was always the go-to sleep over house. (Don’t worry, there weren’t that many co-ed sleepovers in high school, just after dances and for new years.) In the morning (afternoon?) Stephen and I went to the movies and saw X-men 2. (I remember there being no one in the theater and the two of us eating Taco Bell burritos that I had shoved in my purse.)

And that was my prom! Wouldn’t change a thing. Tell me a thing or two about your prom! Did you dance? What’d you do post-prom? Was it fun or lame? My prom gets two thumbs up!*

11 thoughts on “Prom Season

  1. How fun! I love that Stephen made sure you had a white limo.
    I didn’t go to prom. I was (am?) woefully lame and 1) didn’t have a date 2) hate wearing dresses and 3) I don’t dance (it’s my gift to humanity). My friend went with her boyfriend our junior year, but they broke up our senior year so instead of going to prom we went to the movies and to dinner with another date-less friend.

  2. My prom… ha ha. I went to it with my ex-boyfriend… he was my ex at the time. I don’t know what we were thinking. We’d dated most of high school so I guess we just figured what the heck. We were still friends so it wasn’t toooo weird. And now I think I need to dig out my prom dress and see if it fits (it won’t) Maybe my wedding dress (probably not). Maybe I need to get on the treadmill.

  3. a long time ago, in a high school far far away…*

  4. During my junior prom, the post-prom activity was a boat cruise on Lake Michigan – but it was very crowded and uncomfortable, to the point where all of us got partial refunds for attending! It was a shame because the night had been so much fun prior to that, and the post-prom kind of spoiled the whole experience. Things went more smoothly with the events during my senior prom, but my date (my boyfriend at the time) and I ended up breaking up and losing touch just a few weeks afterwards. Sigh. But alas, both proms were such great experiences and I would do them again in a heartbeat!

  5. Your Prom dress looked beautiful on you! My prom was the day before I left for college orientation, so my boyfriend and I broke up that night. He was kind of a putz. Actually, maybe I’ll blog that story cause it’s kind of funny.

  6. Looooove the dress! It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.🙂

  7. Your dress is great!

    Is it just Southern California, or has prom become a little hoochie? The girls wear dresses they can’t even dance in, for fear something with hike up or pop out….

  8. You both look adorable! What beautiful pictures to take you ‘back’.

  9. You two are so cute!! Oddly enough I went to prom with a guy that has the same last name as my fiance! It was fun….my dress was itchy and chaffing the underneath of my arms by the end of the night. Ha!

  10. Aw come on. That is so not fair that your dress isn’t hideous by today’s fashion standards! Guess we’ll have to give it a few more years.

    Mine were both bright, bold colors. I’m sure some day I’ll look back at em and wonder.

  11. So fun to reminisce about those fun times! I loved my prom and had a blast. I was actually on prom court which made super nervous all night. (I really didn’t want to be queen, because you had to dance in front of everyone). Glad I wasn’t picked. LOL.

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