A Whirling Dervish in the Kitchen

In the wee early morning hours of the weekend, I found myself plopped on the couch watching Rachael Ray cook up all the meals for one week within an hour. (Girl’s got skillz.) While I have no desire to attempt that, it did drum up a need inside me to cook something. What what to cook? Lightbulb – I shall cook with the Vitamix!

I whipped out the menu book and immediately zeroed in on hummus. The recipe is simple with not too many ingredients (aka Amy proof).

Into the Vitamix went the chickpeas, sesame seeds (these were in the spice aisle of the grocery store – who knew?), olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and cumin. There was a lot of tamper stick action going during the blending process. So much so that my arms got tired. (Yes, my arms are that weak. What can I say? I’m a runner!)

While the ingredients were blending, they looked really liquidy. I was worried that the final result would be not thick enough. When the blades stopped spinning, the result was actually the perfect thickness! I had to scoop the goop out of the blender, it wouldn’t even pour.

Out of the blender

Into my tummy

The verdict: It’s good! I feel like the cumin flavor is a little too loud. Either I put in too much, or I just never knew that I didn’t want cumin in my hummus. Now I know. Since I have conquered the simple hummus recipe, I want to try this one from Sylvia. (It includes carmelized onions. Ooooh. Aaaah.) Or perhaps this one suggested by No Meat Athlete.

Because my hummus adventure wasn’t enough, I also made salsa this weekend. Again, I used the recipe in the Vitamix cookbook. Again, the ingredients were simple. (Onion, 1 jalapeno, cilantro, lemon juice, salt, Roma tomatoes.)

It looks divine and smelled good, but it tasted so bland. Where did I go wrong? I followed the recipe to a T, except for the cilantro. I couldn’t find fresh, so I used dried. Was that the deal breaker? My uncle also suggested that I try adding garlic. Other thoughts? I’m open to suggestions!*

6 thoughts on “A Whirling Dervish in the Kitchen

  1. Dried cilantro is utterly worthless; must use fresh. A little garlic would be fine, maybe some salt. It looks yummy!

  2. I agree with Ruth Ellen – only real cilantro and salt for sure. I will think the secret recipe you love uses roasted tomatoes – you could try that next time.

  3. Definitely fresh cilantro! And roasted tomatoes would be delicious too. That hummus looks like it turned out great!

  4. Looks delicioso! Now I am getting hungry!!! I would definitely add some garlic and some salt.

  5. You have a vitamix?!?! Can I tell you how many times I’ve sat and watched the guys at the vitamix booth at the fair every year wishing I felt ok handing out the dough for it! Too cool! I have a hummus recipe sitting in my inbox dying for me to try…..alas I have not!:-/

    • It’s so funny that you say that because I could spend hours at the fair watching the Vitamix demos! It’s my favorite part of the fair! My husband bought it for me for Christmas this year. He has definitely spoiled me.*

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