Dear Toby Keith,

Dear Toby Keith,

Back in the day, I loved your song “How Do You Like Me Now.” I remember sitting in the living room on our old blue couches watching the music video with my mom more than ten years ago. I’ll be honest, I don’t like all of your stuff. “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” was a little too in your face for my taste. Just like any musician, most of your stuff I could take or leave with no strong feelings either way.

But today, I see you differently. I respect you. Not because of your voice or your song writing abilities. I respect you because of the time you’ve given for our troops. I know that you recently took a trip to Afghanistan to perform for soldiers there. I know because my husband was among them.

You could be at home, taking it easy. You could be sleeping in a big comfy bed, eating hearty meals, laughing and playing with your family. You could be hobnobbing with country music big-wigs. Instead, you chose to go to the Middle East, to cheer up some down-trodden soldiers. You did what I couldn’t do: you put your arm around my husband and you lifted his spirits.

That little bit of time you took to do something that you didn’t have to do has mad a big impact on those who were there and those who love them. Thank you!


A Toby Keith Fan For Life*