This is Gross

You’ve been warned.

Last night I made one of my favorite dishes. It’s a recipe from Daily Garnish, and I highly recommend it. Deelish.

Last night I ate a huge serving of this stuff. (It was probably three times what you see in the picture.) And then I started to feel bad, real bad. (For the record, I’ve eaten this recipe many times with no issues. It was definitely a case of user error; I think I didn’t wash the veggies well enough.)

My tummy was cramping. I felt painfully bloated. Sitting, laying, standing, no position felt comfortable. I finally decided to chug some Mylanta and go to bed really early. I figured that sleeping it off was my best bet.

Around 9:30, just an hour after I had gone to bed, I woke up suddenly. Everything in my tummy needed to be evacuated, stat. I ended up tossing my cookies (aka three big servings of dinner) into the bath tub. (I told you it was gross.) It was horrible, disgusting, painful, and miserable. (I could probably think of a few more adjectives, but we’ll go with those for now.)

What to my wondering eyes did appear happen? The tub wouldn’t drain.What’s an Amy to do?  The even better news? Throwing up didn’t make me feel better. It made me feel worse. I didn’t throw up any more after that, but I’ll just tell you, it was a long, long night.

The Avengers here to fix me up.

Now, it’s not all bad. Stephen happened to call me after the initial throwing up incident. I wasn’t exactly up to my usual sparkling conversation, but it sure felt nice to hear his voice. (Few things are worse than being pitifully sick and totally alone.) Also, Around 6 am I started to feel better. I was exhausted but no longer nauseous. I’ll take it. Last good thing: I have since bleached my bathtub, and it’s never been cleaner.

I didn’t go to work today, but I suspect I’ll be fine to return tomorrow. Let us never speak of this again.*

19 thoughts on “This is Gross

  1. Oh no!!! Poor Amy!!! So sorry to hear about what you just went through, that must have been absolutely brutal! Any kind of stomach-related issue is the worst. =( Rest up and try to drink lots of fluids today. I wish you the speediest of recoveries!!!

  2. Trash can beside the bed. Now I’ve shared my little secret🙂

    Really glad you’re feeling better. Thanks for sparing us photos of the tub. ha!🙂

  3. Holy cow! Wonder what it was exactly….were you able to sleep at all after throwing up and in the not feeling well part? GEEZ!

    • I think it was the mushrooms. I don’t normally cook with them, but they are in the recipe so I figured, “why not!” Here’s why not: I don’t know how to clean them. Haha!

      I slept from 3am – 6am and from 8am-11am. I’ll probably take a nap this afternoon or go to bed really early.*

      • I put mushrooms in practically every meal, never wash them (gross but oh well!) and have never gotten sick (big, hard, repeated knocks on wood). But ya know, everything’s bigger in Texas, including mushroom-related illnesses😉

  4. Oh no!! I’m so sorry you were sick. That’s just awful.

    Also, I can’t believe I remember this, but I’m pretty sure that awhile back you mentioned eating quinoa and not feeling well, albeit not like last night, and this recipe has quinoa in it, correct? Perhaps your quinoa is bad? Just a thought.

    Feel better soon!

    • You have an amazing memory! I didn’t even remember what it was that I ate last month that made me feel sick. I did what any one among us would do: I looked back at my previous blog posts. Sure enough, quinoa was the culprit then, too. That shizz is now in the trash!*

      • I have NO idea how I remembered that…because my memory really isn’t that great. And no, that doesn’t make me some creepy stalker. Right? Ha!

        Glad you’re feeling better!

  5. I’m so sorry lady! Food poisoning is completely awful and I hope you feel good again soon. On another note, I had a Daily Garnish meal yesterday too! I did her sweet potato and carrot lentil chili and it was really really good. Bonus points for being cooked😛 Feel better soon!

  6. Oh, Amy! I’m so sorry you were sick and glad you feel better! I totally know what you mean about the tub, though, thanks to a little potty-training incident involving Sophia and some seriously poopy pants. The tub seemed like the logical place to hose her down, until the you-know-what wouldn’t drain out!!!

    • Haha! I’m sure that was miserable, but it is funny now! Thankfully after the help of Mr. Liquid Plummer, I can laugh about my little mishap, too. Let me tell you though, I wasn’t laughing last night.*

  7. I can’t believe you decided to write about this. Goob*

  8. The bathtub always seems like a great place to throw up until you realize it doesn’t drain solids. I have so been there.

  9. the same thing happened to me tonight..and now my bathtub is clogged. NOT a pretty sight. i am exhausted and i still need to clean.😦

    What did you do to unclog your bathtub?

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