The Things Thursday: Advice Edition

1. Don’t leave your pizza lunchable in the car.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of pizza lunchables, nor is it a secret that I’m lazy. That laziness caused me to leave my lunchable in the car while I was at work the other day. Thinking nothing of it, I hungrily opened the package to eat my mini-pizzas for lunch only to discover that the shredded cheese had melted and re-hardened into a plastic-like cheese blob. Ew.

2. Don’t talk on your phone in the Quiet Room. On Monday I enjoyed a post-marathon massage. (I even sprung for the upgrade, which meant that I got hot towels put on my legs. Yes, please!) Before every massage, they have you wait in a “Quiet Room.” It’s basically a waiting room with dim lights. But the presence of the word “quiet” in the title makes me think that you should not talk in there. Apparently the lady waiting at the same time as me has a different opinion. She called someone on her cell phone. And you know what they talked about? How well their stool softener was working. I kid you not. I do not enjoy most stool softener-centered conversations, but I definitely don’t enjoy them in the Quiet Room.

3. They want you to take the shoes.

At the urging of my mother and coworkers, I decided to go to the doctor even though my foot was starting to feel better. (If you ever need to go to the Emergency Room, might I suggest Emerus in McKinney? It’s never busy, it’s supa clean, and the people are really nice.) I got an x-ray. They didn’t show it to me, but it confirmed that I don’t have a stress fracture or any other bone breakage. Yeay! They did offer to let me wear a post-op shoe. Since I was there and I love shoes, I took one. My foot still hurts (some times more than others) and I plan to not run at all this week, but I think my pain is perhaps merely an invisible bruise. Not permanent = okay by me. Hopefully I’ll be ship-shape in no time. And if I’m not, at least I got this cool new shoe to strut around in.*

11 thoughts on “The Things Thursday: Advice Edition

  1. I hope the foot gets feeling better soon! And I’ll be honest, I would have thought the extreme heat in the car would spoil the cheese in your Lunchable even if it hadn’t melted. Then again, I’m pretty sure the cheese is mostly made of (delicious) chemicals anyways, so maybe it’s spoil proof.

  2. That’s one gorgeous shoe. You should hot glue some sequins on it to make it look extra special.

    Your Lunchable cheese looks like a science experiment. Mmm. Do you eat the Lunchables pizza cold? Caroline likes the pizza, but she likes them warm (such a diva) so I never pack them for her school lunch.

    Stool softener chit chat in the quiet room is too much. People are strange. That is all.

    • My students are doing a project with arts and crafts in school today, and one of them brought in a glue gun and sequines. I was so tempted to say, “Can I borrow that?” Haha!

      Yes, I eat the lunchable pizza cold. It’s my lazy lunch. If I had to heat it up, that’d defeat the purpose of bringing it.*

  3. Drop everything and go to an amusement park!! Don’t know if you like that sort of thing but you’ll get to the front of the lines without waiting! Oh, practice a decent limp too😉

    • Genius idea! This time of year, the lines are so long at Six Flags that the sandal would be a huge plus. And I’m such a drama queen that the limp will be no problemo!*

  4. Sorry to hear about the foot pain but so glad that it’s not a bone injury! I wish you a speedy recovery!

    Sorry also to hear about the Lunchables incident – and I have had many of my own incidents where I forgot food in various bad places, much to my regret. =(

    That is horrible that the woman was talking about stool softener in the quiet room. It’s almost like it was an episode of Candid Camera where they were trying to get people to react to a set-up of something completely bizarre!

  5. Oh god the cheese! Haha! Hope you had something else you could eat! Glad there is nothing seriously wrong with your foot though! Enjoy the rest!

  6. Hope your food gets better soon. At least no stress fracture. If it’s anything like the unidentifyable lump in my food (which the doc couldn’t identify either), it will just go away.

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