My Joy Cup Runneth Over

2012 has been treating the people I love pretty well so far. A friend of mine got married last month. I was honored to attend her wedding, and I cried like a little baby all the way through the ceremony. Not long after that, my big brother (who I thought was going to be an eternal bachelor a la Clooney) got engaged. More waterworks from me. In the wee hours of the 13th of this month, my very dear friend, Mary Beth, gave birth to a little girl. Happy tears galore.

I’ve been friends with Mary Beth and Mark (her hubby) for a while now. MB was my college roommate at a time when I really needed a friend. She is giving and thoughtful, but she doesn’t mind giving me space. If I need to call her up out of the blue and cry about something stupid, I know that I can. (And trust me, I have!)

I keep thinking back to when Mark and Mary Beth got married. It was such a happy day. Now their love has multipled, and they have grown their family.

Source. Can you spot me and Stephen?

Whitley (isn’t that the best baby name ever?!) is very fortunate to have such loving parents. I know that she’ll grow up to be an incredible woman because she has the perfect role models.

All this lovey stuff would have turned me into a Bitter Betty or a Green-eyed Monster back at the beginning of the deployment. Right now, I feel nothing but good vibes, not a twinge of sadness. Well, I feel bad that Stephen can’t be here for these special moments, but at the same time, I know that there are a lifetime of happy moments still to be had when he returns.

These good times have also helped bring me some peace about Stephen’s deployment. I’m not very political (at least I try not to be on the blog), but let’s be real: I don’t always feel like the war we are fighting is worth it. I don’t know what the solution is in Afghanistan, but I wish it didn’t involve my husband or anyone else’s family members for that matter. BUT if in some way Stephen is playing a tiny role in keeping the country safe, in maintaining the normalcy here, in helping these happy moments to happen for the people we love, then maybe it has been worth it.*

8 thoughts on “My Joy Cup Runneth Over

  1. Mark’s a ginger too!!! Will Whitley be calling you Aunt Amy?! Congrats Mary Beth, Mark, and of course to you too!🙂

    Doesn’t it feel great for life to NOT drop a giant crapball on you for once? Gah. I feel like that a lot. Such good stuff happening now! YAY!

  2. I just about boo-hooed thru that entire post. You are such a sweet friend. It was so great to see you yesterday!🙂 we are making great progress here and she might be home a little earlier than we guessed!!! Love you!

    • You know that everything I write is the truth! I’m just over the moon for you guys!

      I’m glad to hear that Whit is making progress! I’m sure she’ll be ready to go home in no time!*

      • I just reread this cause it was linked in your post today… Still so sweet!!

        • 🙂 It was such a happy time! Is it weird that I still can’t believe you and Mark are parents? At the same time, it seems like you’ve always been parents & WW has always been part of your family.*

  3. Great post and terrific perspectives – so heartwarming and inspiring! Love it!

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