Moratorium on Morbid

A few weeks back I realized that I had become increasingly morbid. My thoughts would often turn suddenly dark. I’d be out on a run, and if I came to a bridge, I imagined falling off into the water below. Someone at work said they smelled gas, and I immediately assumed there was a gas leak and that an explosion would soon follow. When I was getting my tattoo, I was worried that my eye would get poked out. (That’s a really weird one b/c the tattoo is not near my eye.)

I think it is some form of PTSD, minus the P and the T. Whatever it is, it’s definitely deployment related. To fix this, I decided that I need to cut morbid things out of my life as much as possible. That means:

1. Changing the channel when morbid news stories come on. When Stephen first deployed, other military spouses suggested that I not watch the news, but I like being informed. I find comfort in seeing my newscasters. I don’t even mind the war coverage (for the most part). What I don’t like, is the constant reporting on people dying and killing or almost dying or almost killing. Too dark, especially in the morning. I still watch the news, but I make myself change the channel the instant it gets heavy.

2. No more watching Law and Order. I heart L&O. So much, in fact, that I could watch episode after episode for hours even though I’ve seen all the episodes. It was really hard at first, but now I’ve found other (less morbid) shows to replace it.

3.  Avoid scary or dark movies. This one is easy because I HATE scary movies. I even avoid the scary movie commercials.

These are easy steps that I’ve taken, but sometimes avoiding the morbid is hard. Sometimes I’m watching something seemingly not morbid at all, and the show or movie suddenly goes way dark. For instance, I’ve become obsessed with the show Brothers & Sisters. At the end of an episode that I watched recently (where everyone was happy and things were fine!) there was a huge car crash. Every single character was injured, bloody, crying/stunned, and Rob Lowe ended up with a spike in his head. Not exactly what I look for in a show about family drama.

I’ve had noticeable improvement in the dark thoughts department, so it’s worth it to me to make the effort even if I can’t always avoid morbid stuff.

Do you watch scary/dark/morbid tv shows/movies? Do you watch the news? Do you think it’s dark or do you think I’m being too sensitive.*

13 thoughts on “Moratorium on Morbid

  1. I hate scary movie commercials. I am the most suggestible person on the planet and they leave me cowering in fear. It’s kind of pathetic. I totally agree with you, there is no reason to stress yourself out with that stuff.

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I get that sometimes too.

    I watch almost everything, but I have a problem with horror movies, at least a certain kind. I cannot stand anything involving people doing horrible things to other people (like in “Hostel” – I watched the first 20 minutes and made my then boyfriend switch it off when they started torturing people). I am fine with the vampire stuff and things like that. I can even (sort of) watch some autopsy stuff, but I am very squeamish when I know the person is alive. That’s why I can’t watch people getting injections for example. Especially horrible are operations (liposuctions are worst – it looks like they are butchering people).

    • Oh! Hostel, no! I could barely read a synopsis of that without gagging!

      Plastic surgery doesnt bother me so much. I used to watch a lot of Dr. 90210. I can’t, however, watch any kind of eye surgery. Gag!*

  3. I don’t do scary movies; a lot of the prodecudural dramas creep me out. I refuse to watch CSI alone. I do, however, watch the news and listen to talk radio/news every day. I’m not necessarily bothered by the morbid stuff, but I’ve started to get really nervous and anxious about tensions in the middle east (aside from Iraq/Afghanistan), gas prices, the election…..I probably should cut back on my news watching/listening, but it’s hard. I know if I did, I’d be much more at peace in my life.

    I have those same thoughts when I’m running, too. Or crossing a bridge. Also, I’m always afraid sharp objects will hit me in the eye….even if they’re no where near my eye. I’m afraid of the staple gun for that very reason. 🙂

  4. I’m never worried for my eyes but I’m always worried about falling on my teeth! For some reason anything happening to my teeth curls my toes and makes me cringe bad. As far as TV goes, I don’t watch it. We don’t have cable at home and I don’t voluntarily watch scary movies or listen to the news much. I read my news. Basically, TV is a time suck and stressor I can’t afford and I stay pretty well informed through work. Unfortunately though, I still stress a lot about feeling safe. I even get nervous in my own house and more so now that I’m away and in training. I guess we all have our quirks. Kudos to you for trying to curb the morbid thoughts though! I kinda wish I could let myself feel safe more but I feel that keeping my guard up is the better decision🙂

  5. I try to avoid the news.. Chicago news is almost never pleasant. And of course, recent war news has not been easy to hear.:/

    I do think that it makes a difference when you start watching those shows. My mom noticed it when she watched CSI episodes. I stopped watching the Walking Dead. Definitely don’t think you are being too sensitive at all!

  6. Hey! Just stopping by to check out your blog! Thnks for signing up to run the Shake YOur Shamrock virtual run with us! its going to be fun!

  7. Scarily enough, I am exactly the same way. Queen of Irrational Fears, right here! I avoid the news, scary movies, previews for scary movies, creepy shows, and people telling awful stories. Eyeballs and broken bones freak me out the worst and I always have images pop into my head of some sort of injury related to those, especially when trying to fall asleep. Gag.

    Okay, we’re weird. At least there’s company!

  8. These are all good tips — I have to agree with all of them! I don’t know why SVU scares me when I’m home alone but it does. I think watching stupid and happy stuff is way better like The Bachelor…LOL or Modern Family. Something that will give you the giggles — at least until the hubs comes back.

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