Big D Training: T-Minus 9 Weeks

We’re already down to only a single-digit number of weeks between me and the marathon. Woah. Training is going by fast! I needed a strong week, and this week, I got it!

My Stats:

  • Total miles for the week: 23.5
  • Total minutes on my feet: 247
  • Longest run: 14.5 miles
  • Shortest run: 4 miles
  • Fastest pace: 9:26 (when I ran hills on Tuesday)
  • Days until next race: 7 (Livestrong Austin Half Marathon)
  • Days until Big D Full marathon: 63

The totals might not be very impressive, but what you can’t see is how good I felt on every run. Yesterday’s run was particularly excellent. Surpassing 13 miles has been a mental challenge for me, but I woke up feeling determined. Sure, it was early, it was really cold and windy outside, and yes, I was tired. But I put all of that out of my mind. Like Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.” I chose “do.”

I rolled out of bed. I put on many layers. I drove out to White Rock Lake. I joined my DRC peeps. And for 14.5 miles, I did.

My pace group. You can see that we're all bundled up!

The wind was brutal, but we eventually turned into some neighborhoods, and it wasn’t an issue. I was in a good frame of mind for the majority of the run. When we hit mile 4, I remember saying, “Already?” We were cruising.

The Hot Chocolate 15k & 5k was today and ran in the same area. We actually ended up running in the opposite direction of the race for bit! We were able to hop on the sidewalk, and since all the racers were in the street, it wasn’t an issue. It was so fun to see all the runners. For the next few miles all we could talk about was how much we wanted hot chocolate.

Hot chocolatiers

The last 1.5 miles was a major mental game. I would have gladly walked or called it quits, but instead, I pushed myself to continue. Breaking the half marathon barrier and continuing to run felt great. I haven’t run that far since 2010! Bananas!

Our stats:

  • 14.5 mile finish time: 2:35:00
  • Average pace: 10:41

I also managed to go on two long walks this week and do some light weight lifting. I think I’m at the point where Wednesday’s walk needs to be a run. The weekend long runs are getting so long, that I need to balance them with the runs during the week. As much as I don’t want to add another day of running, I also don’t want to look back and feel like I could have given more of myself to my training. There is no try.

Are you a Star Wars fan? I’m actually not. (I think Yoda is scary.) Have you ever run into a race before? This was my first time. I’m usually either in the race or nowhere near it.*

4 thoughts on “Big D Training: T-Minus 9 Weeks

  1. Amy, I love reading your marathon training stats. I want to run a half-marathon at some point, and maybe one day a full marathon. I don’t know where to begin though. How did you start? Any advice? I’m hardly capable of running a 5k.

    • Oh, Girl! I hear you. When I first started running, I was starting from square one! I used couch to 5k ( to train for my first race. It has you alternate running and walking until you’ve built up your endurance. I’d also highly recommend all of Hal Higdon’s training programs. (He’s got training for everything! My mom even follows his program to prepare to walk half marathons.) My own two cents would be to not worry about time in the beginning. Just focus on working your way up to completing the distance. If you go slower, you can run farther for longer. Speed comes with time.*

  2. I don’t get Star Wars. I’m sure it would help if I’d seen the original three and not just the new three. Anyways, my husband says that quote is actually evidence that Yoda might be a villain too or something? Something about Yoda having the same rigid view of the universe of the Sith (I’m so lost now). Anyways, great training week!

  3. I so do not understand the allure of Star Wars. My boyfriend and his son love it though so I pretend to know what they’re talking about. Much like listening to John’s Army stories… “uh huh, yeah, of course I know what you’re talking about even though you used more acronyms than I could ever remember.”

    CONGRATS on your long run and breaking through. For reals! That’s awesome!

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