It’s a Virtue

I want to be a more patient person. For the past year, I’ve been praying for more patience. I have found that the more I pray for patience, the more I find myself in frustrating situations. (I think this is God’s way of giving me opportunities to be patient. Tricky, tricky.) Well, I’m tired of waiting for results. (Damn you, impatience!)

This weekend, I took matters into my own hands and did some googling. I found this article. I thought it was unremarkable until I came across this line: “Always remember that you will eventually get what you want.” Lightbulb moment.

I honestly never thought of it like that. It’s true. Things I’m impatient about, but eventually I get what I want:

  • People who don’t accelerate quickly when a street light turns green.
  • When my students don’t do what I ask right away. (This one is just ridiculous. They are 12, they don’t do what anyone asks right away.)
  • People who step in front of me or block my path when I’m shopping. (It’s especially aggravating at the grocery store.)
  • Waiting for the next school holiday.
  • Waiting for races.
  • Waiting for my husband’s deployment to be over. (This is the hardest one because the wait is so long and I want him to come home so badly.)

If I step back though, I realize that all of these things will eventually happen, and I will eventually get what I want. The website says that it takes maturity to accept this. I agree, but it is already a little bit easier to be patient knowing that I’ll get my way. I just need to wait.

I don’t think this will make the deployment go by any faster, but if I can be more patient in  smaller areas of life, I think it’ll make me a lot happier.

Are you an impatient person? Any tips for becoming more patient?*

13 thoughts on “It’s a Virtue

  1. This is exactly how I feel about pregnancy. And finishing grad school (although I need to be a bit more proactive on that one). So in other words, I have no advice for you as I am the least patient person I know.

  2. I’m pretty impatient at the commissary. I hate that people tend to take their entire families grocery shopping here…. it drives me insane!

    • Yes! The worst is when people walk really slowly all spread out, and they are impossible to get around. Thankfully it seems like there aren’t too many families at the grocery store when I’m there (I must go at the just right time of day), but the mall is a different story.*

  3. I am so damn impatient – it’s bad!

  4. I always joke that patience is nowhere in my family genes; I was genetically doomed to be impatient! Now that you’ve been warned, here’s what (mostly) works for me: spend time with someone who is embarrassingly impatient. I’m serious! You’ll see how your (re)actions look to others and think “man, that’s crazy, I don’t want to be like that!” I also try to remember that freaking out/being impatient isn’t going to get me anything positive. It might get me a crazy look, a fight with someone, or a bad mood, but it won’t get me any closer to what I want. So kinda silly, right?

    I’m still working on pretending to be mature, patient, and positive. I’m in the “fake it till you make it” phase. Can’t we work on being patient in our 30s or 40s?!? ha🙂

  5. I am SUPER impatient. I’m one of those people who live off of instant gratification. It’s how I feel about my job/career, what kind of shape I’m in, when I can spend my next paycheck…or whatever! It’s a tough challenge.

    • Agreed! Part of it is how we live in general. Instant everything! I think I transfer my speedy expectations (fast food, fast internet, immediate feedback) into the rest of my life (my students) which does not work!*

  6. I’m generally pretty patient, EXCEPT at stop lights. During rush hour times, the stop lights in our area are SO LONG. I hate it.

  7. I am ridiculously impatient and I’ve decided to embrace it (as long as I’m not rude). It makes me more productive, demand performance from my students, and get the things I want in life. Or so I tell myself.

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