Big D Training: T-minus 13 Weeks

This week marked the beginning of marathon training! I kicked things off by skipping my first run. I know, great way to set the tone. In my defense, the weather was rotten, and I got my run in the very next day. In fact, training went really well this week!

My Stats:

  • Total miles for the week: 20
  • Total minutes on my feet: 209
  • Longest run: 10 miles (yesterday)
  • Shortest run: 5 miles (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Fastest pace: 10:24 (yesterday)
  • Days until next race: 13 (The Texas Half)
  • Days until Big D Full marathon: 91

I ran 5 miles on both Wednesday and Thursday with my friend Heather. When I first started running, Heather was the person that I directed all my questions to. She is the person who told me about Hal Higdon’s training plans, she is a great runner, and an all-around great person. It’s been really fun getting to know her better this week. I’m hoping that we can continue to run together a few times a week. This week alone it has been very motivating.

Yesterday was my first long run, and my first run with the DRC (Dallas Running Club). I was really nervous about going, but I’m so glad that I did.

It was a gorgeous day at the lake (The DRC does all of its runs at White Rock Lake), and the temperature was perfect. Somehow I ended up being put in the 4:10 pace group (ha!), but they do their long runs at a 10:30-11:30 pace, which I think is right for me. I considered switching to a slower group, but after yesterday, I think I’m ok.

I felt great the whole run. Best of all, I have discovered that I really like running with other people. I like talking when I run and listening to others’ stories about races and what is going on in their lives. Everyone seems really nice, and I’m already looking forward to next week’s 12 mile run.

The best part of marathon training so far is that I’m only doing one long run a week! When I was training for the New Year’s Double, I ran on Saturday and Sunday every weekend. It’s so freeing to run early on Saturday and then have the rest of my weekend wide open. We’ll see if I change my tune once the runs start getting really long!

I watched the Olympic marathon trials today.

Talk about inspiration! The runners move so effortlessly, yet you can tell that they are working incredibly hard. It takes so much focus. Shalane Flanagan, the women’s first place finisher, said that her marathon mantra is “cold execution.” I thought that was great! I hated watching the fourth place men’s and women’s finishers cross the finish line. (Only the top 3 will go to the Olympics in London.) To be so close but not make the cut must be heart breaking. The whole thing has definitely motivated me to continue working hard. My goal may not be anything near Olympic or even Boston qualifying, but I plan to work my tail off to complete the marathon in April and beat my previous time.

Did you watch the Olympic marathon trials? Are you a Hal Higdon fan? I am, but the DRC training plan is way different from a Hal training plan. Should be interesting!*

7 thoughts on “Big D Training: T-minus 13 Weeks

  1. I’ve never used a Hal Higdon plan. My running group has training plans for every race, so I’ve always used that, which may or may not be a good thing. Anyways, I did not get to watch the trials, but I really wanted to. I can’t imagine being the 4th place runner. That would suck so royally hard.

    • You’ve never used Hal! Say what? I guess if you were following a training plan from a running group, you were in good hands. It’s really weird for me to have someone else determine my mileage each week, but I’m trying to be less controlling and just go with it.*

  2. I’m using Hal’s training plan for my 10k. I like it so far but I’ll know better in a few weeks if it’s not enough, perfect, or too much. I just love having the weekend to run outside and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Running by the lake looks gorgeous! What was the temperature for your run??

    If running in an Olympic marathon trial got me a body like that, I’d sign up today.

    • Yes, please let me know how the 10k training plan goes! Hal’s never let me down before, so I’m sure it’s a great plan.

      The temperature on Saturday started off cold (high 30’s) but warmed up about 10 degrees over the two hours that we were on our feet.*

  3. I love running with people! I think that has been my biggest running mojo loss since I got here in GA. I can’t seem to find anyone who likes to run and it’s bugging me. I’m sick of running alone. I’ve thought about joining a running group — but the running store is 30 mins away and they meet at 5am. Ugghhh…but maybe I just need to suck it up!!

    • I don’t think I could commit to running that early. My running group meets at 7am and it takes me about 30 minutes to get there. If they met any earlier, I’d quit!*

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