NYD Training: T-Minus 3 Weeks

Only three weeks until go time! This week was my peak mileage for training. While I don’t think I’ll be coasting for the remainder of training, it is so nice to know that the hardest stuff is over and done with.

My stats:

  • Total miles for the week: 36 (13.1 of which were walking, the rest were running)
  • Total minutes on my feet: 228 running, 453 if you include the time I spent walking.
  • Geronimo’s total miles: 10 miles
  • Longest run: 12 miles (yesterday)
  • Shortest run: 4 miles (when my heel started hurting earlier in the week.)
  • Fastest pace: 9:23 (again, the same day that my heel started hurting.)
  • Days until New Years Double: 20

‘Monimo didn’t get as many miles this week as he sometimes does. He doesn’t seem too upset about it though.

Thankfully he’s pretty forgiving if I have a race and don’t run him that day, or if I only take him out for 3 miles instead of 4.

The big news for me this week was that I ran with other people. Twice! I’d like to take a moment to pat myself on the back. Good job, Self! Y’all know I’m a little shy, so this is big news for me. On Thursday, my friend Gretchen, who I’ve run with before, spontaneously invited me for a run. I spontaneously accepted. (I forced myself to agree before I had time to change my mind.) Just like last time, it was great! We ran about 4 miles and chatted about this and that and everything in between.

On Friday, one of my coworkers (who is an amazing runner and my go-to person when I have running questions) invited me to join her and some running buddies for a recovery run on Saturday. (They all ran the full White Rock Marathon and planned to do get in not too many miles, not too fast.)

We ran around White Rock Lake, which I loved. It’s a huge running spot in Dallas, but I don’t normally (aka ever except for races) run there. It’s too far to drive, and one of the things I love about running is that I can step out my front door to do it. (Plus I’m lazy.) I didn’t know what I was missing! The scenery is really pretty, especially at sunrise. It was fun to see plenty of other runners out and about. Not to mention, there are water fountains. (There are none where I currently run.)

The miles flew by. I loved listening to everyone’s stories about running the full last week. The pace was just right, but I got the impression that they normally run faster than that and probably too fast for me. After running 9 miles with the group, I returned home to run 3 more with Geronimo.

This solidified for me that I want to join a running group. So I did!

I am now a member of the Dallas Running Club! My $25 membership fee gets me:

  • 8 free races per year. (I’ll probably be moved before the end of the year, but even if I only do one or two of the free races, my membership fee will have paid for itself!)
  • Discounts on signature DRC races.
  • Discounts at local running stores.
  • Weekly social runs.
  • Inexpensive training programs. ($35 dollars for 10-mile, half marathon, and full marathon training.)

I’m going to start running with the DRC in January after I conquer the NYD. I’m excited for this new chapter in my running life! I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, though. I need to focus on the Double for the time being.

My goals for the next three weeks are to get in the miles that the training plan calls for and to keep my eyes on the prize.*