Pumped Up Kicks

Out with old,

and in with the new.

I bought new shoes! I had intended to get new running shoes after the first of the year because I feel like I haven’t had my current pair for very long. I’ve been doing a ton of training in my old shoes. (I’ve trained for the Hottest Half, Tyler Rose, DWRM, and the New Years Double.) I figured that after I ran the NYD, I’d get new ones. Mother nature it seems, had other plans for me.

After slogging through a rainy race this weekend, I stuffed my shoes with newspaper. The newspaper sucked up the water and voila! My shoes were dry. Unfortunately, it seems that the heel on the right shoe dried a little snugly. When I went for a 7 mile run on Tuesday, the heel of the shoe was rubbing up on my Achilles heel. It was so cold out, that I hardly noticed any pain. When I stopped at my apartment after 4 miles to drop off Geronimo, I realized that my heel was seriously aching. I wanted to do the three more miles my plan called for (my legs were feeling great), but I decided to play it smart. If my heel was seriously jacked, running 3 more miles wouldn’t do me any good.

I discovered a lovely little bruise on my Achilles heel. (Quite a strange place for a bruise.) Yesterday I bit the bullet, and hit up Run On to buy some new shoes.

My new shoes are Mizuno’s, like my old ones, but this pair is brightly colored! Mostly, I just like how they feel. (“They speak to my feet,” is how I described the fit to the salesman.) Happy feet = happy runner. I took them out for a spin last night.

My stats:

  • 7.15 mile finish time: 1:09:08
  • average pace: 9:39/mile

My feet felt good, but my Achilles heel is still kind of iffy. I’m not sure if I just need to give my heel time to heal. Or perhaps I need to look into some kind of insert. For now I’m taking the wait and see approach. (AKA do nothing.)

Do you have crazy-colored shoes? I’m a Converse-lover, so I have purple, pink, red, and spotted converse shoes. Until now all my running shoes have been normal looking.*