Double Medal Display?

When I placed my most recent medal on my display this weekend, I realized, “Damn. I’m running out of room!” I had to manuever this way and that. I had to pull medals off, put medals back on. It took a lot of finageling to add that one medal!

The display was a Christmas gift last year from my husband. I can’t even remember what we would do with our medals before we got this bad boy. I love seeing the display proudly hanging above our couch. Every medal was hard-earned!

Now I’m trying to figure out what I’ll do if I get any more medals. Let’s be real, we know I’m gonna get at least a few more. I’m currently training for a distance race that guarantees me a medal. I also signed up to walk the Dallas White Rock Marathon (half) with my mother. That’ll be another medal. That’s two more medals for sure in the next two months. Not to mention, spring will bring with it many more races! What’s an Amy to do?

Option 1: Load that sucker up! I could fit more medals on my current display if I smoosh more. I’m not crazy about smooshing, but it’s do-able. It also requires the least amount of action on my part, and my lazy-self likes that.

Option 2: Buy another identical/similar medal display. I could get a similar display and hang it up next to this one. (And by “hang it up next to this one,” I mean, “wait until my husband is around to hang it up.”) My only concern with this option is that it may make me look crazy. I’d have more wall space dedicated to medals than to pictures of me and Stephen!

Option 3: Get a different wall hanging entirely. I do like this:

It’d be easy to expand my medal collection for infinity. If I had more skills, I could probably make something similar to this, but alas, I do not have skills. The only problem here is that I love my current medal display, so I’m not ready to retire it.

Thankfully, it takes a while to earn a new medal, so I’m not making any decisions just yet. For now, I’m just going to mull.

What do you think I should do? What do you do with your own medals? Do you save your race bibs? I save mine, but they’re all sweaty and wrinkly, not display material!*

14 thoughts on “Double Medal Display?

  1. I like option three. If you did go with option 2, maybe you could eventually hang them in a different room, like an office area. Having two full medal holders in an office isn’t as overwhelming as having them hanging over your couch.

    Our medals are hanging on a belt rack in our closet. Classy, no? Between the two of us, we only have about six or seven medals. We haven’t done too many big, medal-giving races, I suppose. Someday I’d like to get a hanging rack, but I’m not sure where we’d put it.

    I saved my marathon bib, but I’ll probably toss it before we move.

    • Does the belt rack rotate? My dad had one like that. He also had many belts and a deep need to be extremely organized.

      I think I’ll end up throwing my bibs away, too. They’re sweaty and most of mine are plain. If they looked cool, it might be a different story.*

  2. I saw a really cute race bib display on pinterest the other day. I use a regular rack to display my metals. It’s for coats I think and it’s swirly, so I thought it was more decorative. It’s pretty filled up too and I might get another rack at some point.
    My hubs would NEVER let me put that above the couch though, so you have a keeper. Mine are on the wall in our little gym.

    • Oh that darn Pinterest. I am so curious to check it out, but my internet addiction is bad enough already. I worry that I’d never be able to step away from the computer if I got sucked into Pinterest.*

  3. Man you have a LOT of medals! Hopefully I’ll get there one day. I like the display rack thing. If you had a couple hanging in different spots I’m sure it’d be kind of neat!

  4. I like option 3! I feel like you could figure out how to assemble one of the displays like option 3. I feel like if I had a moment of extra time (after Christmas) I could even try to figure out how to assemble option 3. I feel as if you do have skills, since you have multiple medals. Just saying.🙂

    • Thanks. You’re right, I do have skills, I just don’t have crafty skills. I really think this is make-a-ble though. If I get bored enough, I might just work up the nerve to attempt to make it.*

  5. I think option #3 is do-able. You may not have crafty skills, but you have a highly skilled craft consultant!

  6. I would just get another one! I’ve considered getting a 13.1 holder just for half medals at some point, but I’m nowhere near running out of room, though. And I keep mine by the front door, so I must be a major show off.

  7. That third option looks classy. I’m looking to make my own rack out of a board and some screw-in hooks. I just need to decide on a phrase or something to write on the board and if I will use old wood or paint new wood.

    I save most of my bibs and usually write on them the date, the event (if not already printed) my time, my placing in age group (such as 2/12), placing in sex (27/325) and overall (36/718). Then those I keep I glue them on paper and put that in paper protectors in a binder with a picture or two including a short description of how the race went; if I met my goals, the unusual weather, etc. I’ve entitled this binder, “Road Races of an Old Man.”
    Happy trails and a big Thank you to you and your husband for service to this great nation.

  8. How did u make option 3? My son has over 25 medals and its growing. That would be perfect for me. Please help

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