Freakin’ Awesome

The only complaint that I have about my commute is that it’s too short. (What a hard life I lead, right?) It takes me 5 minutes to get to work, 7 if I hit the red lights. So what’s the problem? I am addicted to listening to talk radio, specifically Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. If I happen to hop in the car when they’re on a commercial break, chances are, I won’t get to hear very much of anything! Poop sandwich.

Recently, my love of Kidd Kraddick and my love of yummy food collided. (“When your favorite obsessions combine, I am Freakin’ Awesome!”)

I think I’ve mentioned before that my mom works for a company called The Festive Kitchen. They cater, but they also sell frozen and fresh foods. This is very dangerous for me because when I visit my mom, I’m tempted to sample EVERYTHING. Or if I pop in to buy one item (like today), I walk out with three items instead (like today)!

I had heard through the grapevine (aka my mom) that the FK was selling Freakin’ Awesome and giving a portion of the proceed’s to a charity called Kidd’s Kids. Food + Kidd Kraddick + charity. That’s a no brainer!

Freakin’ Awesome is a snack mix made of tortilla chips, cereal, dried cranberries, peanuts, and almonds. It’s coated in a cayenne pepper, cinnamon, corn syrup mixture. It’s spicy, sweet, tangy, salty, and crunchy all at once. (That’s my kind of snack!) Plus, foods you eat with your hands are my weakness.

I rolled up to the store after school on Friday, and who did I see? My mom! (She doesn’t normally work in the actual store, so I wasn’t expecting to see her!) What a nice surprise! She also convinced me to buy salsa, chips, and trail mix in addition to the Freakin’ Awesome. (Someone’s too good at their job.)

The FK Freakin’ Awesome + Kidd’s Kids deal is only until the end of the month, so if you live in the DFW area, you should totally hit up FK and get you some. I don’t think they sell the stuff online, so everyone else is just out of luck. But if you are feeling charitable, you should hop over to the Kidd’s Kids website. Every year the charity sends chonically and terminally ill children and their families to Disney world for a week. The idea is that the kids and their families make memories, are filled with hope, and get to enjoy some time being normal together. My heart melts just thinking about it!


Do you have any charities that are near and dear to your heart? I am also partial to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because Stephen’s brother has CF. Do you listen to morning talk radio? What station? How long is your commute?*

4 thoughts on “Freakin’ Awesome

  1. I used to listen to Kidd Kraddick when we lived in Augusta, GA….it must be a syndicated show, but I do know he lived in the DFW area. How cool that the purchase of one of your favorite treats helps his charity, too.
    I listen to talk radio all the time. In the AM I listen to The Morning Majority here in DC; I’m a news/politics junkie so my radio is always turned to political talk radio. I don’t have a job, therefore I do not have a commute, but my gym is five miles away. I pretty much go every morning so we’ll call that my commute….with the seven million stop lights I encounter, it takes about 15 minute to get there.🙂

  2. Whenever I go to 5:45 a.m. spin class at the gym, I listen to Kidd Kraddick on the way. They help get me woken up before the class! Haha.

  3. I have a pretty short commute too – about 10 minutes if it’s not raining or snowing. Because you know, everyone forgets how to drive if one drop of rain or a flake of snow falls. You can usually catch me wailing along at the top of my lungs to a Judds CD. It’s a good thing I don’t carpool!

  4. I love the local morning zoo! The commute isn’t so bad and sometimes feels too short with that on. The problem is the radio during the evening commute blows so it feels like forever.

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