Negative Nelly

Disclaimer: I’ve had a pretty good week so far, but sometimes you just gotta complain. Lucky for you, today is the day that I’m choosing to complain my little heart out.
Things that have been bugging me lately:
1. When the regular newscasters go on vacation. I like Ann Curry and Matt Lauer to deliver the news to me together. I don’t want Lester or Savannah. I want Ann & Matt. First Ann was on assignment. Then Matt was taking time off. Now Matt’s back, but Ann is gone. It for reals throws off my game. They should go on vacation during the summer because that’s when I don’t watch the news. (Don’t they know that?) Now that school is in session, and I’m watching the news every morning, I need my regulars!

Don't leave me!

2. Project Runway as of late. Design an outfit for Nina Garcia? Don’t get me wrong, Nina knows fashion, but this is a design competition and well, Nina doesn’t dress design-competition-y. She dresses blandly. And she’s really picky. On top of that, what’s up with the harsh time limits this season? How are the designers supposed to get creative if they only have a handful of hours? I like it better when they have time to think and design and re-design. Otherwise the stuff just looks crappy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to watch the show, but I’m not going to like it.
3. Running while my shadow is in sight. If I can see my shadow, I have to look at her. And she looks funny. I have weak little t-rex arms, but when I run, they look really t-rex-y. In shadow form, ultimate t-rex. When Geronimo runs with me, his shadow intersects mine in such a way that it forms the giant t-rex tail. (Yes, I’ve thought about this a lot.) No me gusta t-rex shadow!

An actual photo of my shadow taken whilst running.

4. Shriveled fingers caused by band aids. I got a paper cut yesterday, so naturally I bandaged that bad boy up. When the band aid came off, my finger looked nastified. It was all pale and moist and shrivel-y. It stayed that way for a while! Is that normal? Or am I a shriveled freak?
5. When my nail polish chips so soon after application. I painted my nails a lovely shade of purple this weekend. (The color’s full name is Just a Little Dangerous.) It’s already chippy! Usually I get a few more days out of my nail polish before it starts wearing down this much. Maybe I’ve just been working too hard. That must be the only explanation.
Does some of this stuff bother you too? or am I crazy? What’s irking you lately?