Welcome to Bakersville

Sunday was my baking extravaganza day! I’ve been wanting to make some baked goods to send Stephen, but I was waiting until I had stockpiled a few different things. On the menu:

  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Rice Krispies treats
  • Black Bean Brownies (Just kidding! No BBB for my man!)
  • Mystery Item!

The cookies are the part that I consider to be “baking” and not real baking. My mom works for a company that sells (among other things) tons of delicious cookie dough. This is right up my alley because all you do is plop the dough on the baking sheet (you don’t even have to cut it!) and voila! Deliciosa cookies in 17 minutes or less. I may or may not have taste tested a few. (I had to make sure they were good before I packaged them up!)

The Rice Krispies took considerably more work but were still pretty small potatoes in the baking world. I didn’t realize how much stirring would be involved. (Do you think this counts as my strength training for the week?)

Stirring the mallows

Once my arms were thoroughly tired, I poured my Krispie masterpiece into a baking dish. I’m not sure if I did anything wrong, but I thought they looked kind of weird. The marshmallow part looks really stringy. Maybe I didn’t let the ‘mallows melt long enough. (I was really jazzed about adding the Rice Krispies to the mix.) According to my buds (taste buds, that is), they were muy bien!

Krispies ready to be eaten!

The Mystery Item required back up. Lucky for me, my mom was very excited to help out! A real cooking expert in our midst! I don’t want to say too much for now (I want Stephen to be surprised!), but I think it was a big success. Once he gets his care package, I’ll be sure to share the recipe.

I find baking to be both more stressful and more rewarding than cooking. I’m really excited for Stephen to get the goodies I made! It took a lot of work to make these yum yums!

Do you have baking skills? Are you more of a baker, a cooker, or an ordering out-er?*