Turn Around

Friday morning picked up right where Thursday left off. (AKA sucky.) I was running behind, it wasn’t 100% clear what the schedule was for the day (we had a pep rally and school-chosen activities all day), the one piece of technology that I needed to use (my projector) was suddenly not working (go figure). (Fellow teachers, doesn’t that always happen?!) It was a slew of little things sending me into a tizzy.

What’s an Amy to do? I began to write a less-than-happy letter to my husband. I didn’t know if I’d actually send it or not. He doesn’t need my poop sandwich right now; he’s got his hands full. I just thought it’d feel good to rant and rave for a while (in letter form). And it did feel good. My fingers were typing at Hurricane Irene speeds, I pounding out my anger on the keyboard, and every synonym for ‘frustration’ this side of the Rio Grande was making it into the letter.

Alas, before I could even get to the meat of my letter, one of the school secretaries was at my door with a box. At first I thought she was bringing me a lightbulb for my projector. (I don’t know why I thought that because it in no way falls into her realm of responsibility. Wishful thinking, I guess!) What she had for me was far better than a lightbulb. Inside the box was…

 a vase of flowers! From my husband! He might be all the way on the other side of the planet, but he is still smooth! Equal to the goodness of the flowers -> the sweetest letter ever! I couldn’t cry because I had a room full of 25 eager students waiting for me to fill them with knowledge. (There’s no crying in teaching!) Instead, I spent the rest of the day smiling ear to ear (a la pudding face).

From there, the day was cake! I just didn’t take anything to seriously. I let my frustration wash away. (Why can’t I do that everyday?) The day wasn’t perfect, and I was busy times a million, but I didn’t let it get me down.

I rode the wave of good juju right on to an evening run. Geronimo ran with me for 2 miles, and I ran 1.2 on my own for a grand total of 3.2 miles in 35 minutes. That’s an 11 minute/mile pace which is par for the course these days. The great thing about the run: I felt wunderbar! Feeling good is better than getting a good time these days.  

I intend to spend my weekend catching up on sleep. (Lord knows that I need it!) I also foresee some “baking” in my future. (Yes, the quotes are necessary.)

What’s your fave flower? Do you and your significant other use pet names for each other? Clearly, Stephen and I do. We also talk to each other in baby voices sometimes. I’m sure it’s really annoying to people who are not us. (AKA the rest of the world.)*