The one where Army Amy makes up with ATT

In case you haven’t heard, AT&T and I were about to be heading for the Big D (and I don’t mean Dallas.) The short version: I racked up some major phone bills ($1500 and $999, respectively) when my husband was living in Germany as part of his job with the Army. Then I got hit with a $250 early termination fee when I canceled his phone. (You know, because my husband is deployed and all.) (You can read the long version here.) Well, I’m happy to report that AT&T and I have renewed our vows!

Three things happened:

1. I read all your comments on my original post and decided that I wouldn’t take “$250 early termination fee” for an answer. I called and spoke to someone who told me that I don’t have to pay the fee since the user of the phone is deployed. Yippee! Then she told me to send an e-mail copy of my husband’s orders to (what seemed to me to be) a shady random e-mail address. Umm, no thank you.

My old nemisis. We meet again.

I wasn’t crazy about the idea of sending a copy of this secure document to the unknown interwebs. Instead, I took a copy of his orders in to the nearest AT&T store. I explained the whole she-bang again and got loads of help. They were able to waive the ETF ( that early termination fee for those of you not keeping up or visiting AT&T on a daily basis).

2. I called the original AT&T store that was oh so un-helpful, and I complained. I spoke to a manager and told him all the ways that Brody was wrong wrong wrong. The manager listened to me and told me that I was right right right. And I was all, “I know.” It just felt good to get all that off my chest. Plus I was proud of myself for abstaining from violence.

3. I discovered that I have friends in high places. That’s right, one of my friends works for AT&T! After scolding me for not contacting him immediately (he slapped my hand over the phone), he got me in touch with someone who could help. And guess what folks? That conversation got me a $250 credit towards my next phone bill! Yee-haw! I really wasn’t expecting anything because, like I said, the high international charges were my own fault. I just loved that this employee took the time to really listen to what happened to me, explain everything to me, and then proceed to thank me very sincerely for my husband’s service. Now how can I be mad at a company like that? I just can’t.

In other news, I got a much-needed mudslide.


Sweet nectar of life! How I've missed you!


Yes, you heard me right. Mudslides are one of the few alcoholic beverages that I partake in. When my little brother wanted to meet up for lunch, I knew we had to go to Cheddar’s. (They do the best mudslides!)

My little bro is in the Army Reserves, so it’s always wonderful to get his Army perspective on things. He also told me that I if I’m feeling sad, I could call him and say, “I feel sad.” To which he’d tell me, “Don’t be sad. Be glad.” Direct quote.

Overall, I had a great week. I sold my car. I took care of the AT&T nonsense. I had lunch with my brother. I spent a lot of time with my mom. I even got to talk to my husband a few times!

How did your week turn out? Mostly good or mostly bad? What’s on the agenda for next week? I’m finishing up training for the Hottest Half. Gulp! Race day is August 14th!*

10 thoughts on “The one where Army Amy makes up with ATT

  1. I’ve never had any issues with AT&T. They put my husbands line on suspension for the year he was gone and didn’t even ask for his orders. However, with us going to Germany, they want a copy of his orders faxed. I really didn’t think it was a big deal since there really isn’t a lot of confidential info on his orders. It’s all very vague. Maybe I’m missing something?

    • There’s nothing super-secret on his order, I just didn’t like the idea of sending them some random e-mail address. (It wasn’t a specific person’s e-mail, and I know my husband didn’t want his orders all over the place.) Besides, I wanted someone to be accountable to me. That way, if things didn’t get fixed, I wanted to be able to go back to that same person.*

  2. YAY!!! So glad that you got everything with AT&T figured out, and btw I too love a great mudslide and white russians are my all time fav! It’s always great to read about great things happening to good people. Now can you please send me some good ju ju because I could use it =)

  3. You need to change your nickname to Rockstar Army Wife! Sooo proud of you for standing up to AT&T, and nicely at that! Glad you got that sweet little credit for the next bill, too…very nice! My week was a mix of good (being home Sophia and not having to run the rat race of work, work, work) and bad (still haggling w/ the insurance co. of the guy who ran into me back in January; can’t wait to be done with that!) Dreaming of cooler weather and what Sophia will be for Halloween…probably the last year I’ll get to pick! Good luck getting ready for your race!

    • Thanks, Ruth-Ellen! This insurance stuff sounds really un-fun. I hope that gets sorted out soon. I’m so looking forward to cooler weather, too! What are you thinking for Sophia for Halloween?*

      • Maybe a bumble bee. Her nickname when she was little was “Bee,” She would pucker up her little lips like a bird when she took her bottle, so it started out as “Mommy’s Little Birdie” and somehow morphed into me making up this silly song called “Birdie Bee” that I would sing to her over and over while trying to teach her that night time was for sleeping. Do you ever dress up Geronimo for Halloween?

        • That is too cute! I love a good bumble bee costume! Geronimo HATES wearing clothes, but I do have a sailor outfit that I sometimes put him in. His only other “outfit” is a pair of doggles – goggles for dogs. I adore them, but I feel completely evil when I put them on him because he’s so not a fan.*

  4. So glad that they got that all straightened out for ya! It’s amazing what can happen when you speak to the right people! Awesome!

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