Conversations With My Soldier: Farts

Deployment marches on. We have surpassed 100 days apart (yay!) but that still only puts us at about 1/3rd done (boo!). It’s clearly starting to get to me because under normal circumstances, I’d never say anything like this:



All I can say in my defense is that when Stephen is gone, I miss everything about him, even the stinky parts.

9 thoughts on “Conversations With My Soldier: Farts

  1. Ahh, true love. :)

  2. Lmao! This post made my day :)

  3. I would love to know if somebody stumbles upon this post via the search term “farts in a jar.”

  4. Wow. That’s bad.

    I was really hoping Stephen would’ve commented on this!

  5. This is too funny!

  6. I actually think B and I had this same conversation. His were from whatever supplements he was taking. Though, instead of him wanting to send me a jar of farts, he instead said, “I’ll dutch oven you when I get home.” Ah, romance.

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