DIY Lotto Tickets of Love

Y’all know that I do not do crafts. This was something that I saw way back in 2011 when Stephen deployed the last time. I thought it was a super cute idea but too hard/too much work/too cutesy/too etc. When he left this time around, the idea kept popping up in the back of my mind lottoticketslottoticketslottotickets without all the “too’s” to intimidate me. I don’t know what my problem was last time. These were ridiculously easy!


Step 1: Print out your tickets on cardstock.

Since my scratch-offs were love themed, they all started off with phrases like “I love” or “I want” and then I finished the sentence on the bottom. The clip-art heart was my attempt at jazzing them up. I’m not exactly a graphic designer in the making, but I like the bold, simple look. You can definitely go to town making these look really cool.

Step 2: Put tape or a clear label over the portion that will be scratched off.

I bought clear labels because I think they stick better than tape, but tape would definitely be a cheaper option.

Step 3: Mix acrylic paint and dish soap. Paint over the tape/label.


You can use any color paint, but I opted for silver since it looks like a traditional scratch-off color. I found a bottle of the stuff for a mere $3 at Hobby Lobby along with a cheapy paint brush. The paint to soap ratio is 1:1. Of course, when I was squirting everything out, I had no idea how much I had of either. It didn’t seem to matter that I wasn’t precise in the least. I swirled everything together and painted until it was mostly smooth with no bubbles.

Step 4: Let dry and scratch to your heart’s delight!


The scratching is the best part! I only did one just to test it before I made the rest (in case it was better in theory). Thankfully, it worked like a charm!

These would be so good for any kind of non-traditional gift. (Stephen can attest to the fact that I often gift him “coupons” for things like back rubs or the power over the remote control. This is just another fun way to deliver those love coupons.) I can also see these being used in a classrooms, in Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, place settings at a party, funny door prizes, whatever. There are so many possibilities. I made one for each week that Stephen is gone, but he can scratch them off all at once if he wants.

In the end, it was an easy, cheapy, not too cutsey project that I’m hoping he’ll really enjoy if that care package ever arrives!

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11 thoughts on “DIY Lotto Tickets of Love

  1. Okay, this is adorable. What a fun way to brighten Stephen’s day!!

  2. What a cool idea! And easy! Who would have thought paint and dish soap would do that. I like crafty stuff, but it has to be pretty simple because if there are too many steps involved or too many items required, I won’t do it.

    • I’m the same way. This was almost too much for me because it required the purchase of paint AND a paintbrush. The fact that I needed to buy more than one thing was almost a deal breaker. LOL. Thankfully, it’s Amy-proof, so they actually work. Huzzah!

  3. Best Wife Ever!!! These are awesome. You get the Crafty Crown for the week! Queen Amy in the house!

  4. This is a fantastic idea! I love that it’s relatively simple, yet definitely goes a long way to showing someone you’re thinking about them. I might do this for my kiddo in his lunch box. Thank you for the idea Amy!

  5. my son would love this, he just loves scratchers!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love this!!!

  7. This is awesome! I love this!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Super cute!

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