I have a minor obsession with books. I know y’all already know this. Since I started working at the library, however, it’s gone up a few notches.

Rare is the day that I don’t come home from the library with a new book. I’ll see something that’s just arrived, or a book that a patron returned, I might even stumble upon an intriguing title on the shelves, and I squirrel it away for myself.

This wouldn’t be so much of an issue if I was swimming in free time. Don’t get me wrong. I have enough time to read. But enough time to read the six books on my kitchen table plus the two on my nightstand plus the one in my car? No, I do not have that much free time. I keep pulling up my library account and extending the due dates. (Perk of the job!) I try to be honest with myself. If there’s a book that I know I won’t get to or that is just sitting at my house untouched, unread, and unloved, I’ll return it. Yet somehow, the list of books that I think I will read is still impossibly long.

I helps (or hurts depending on how you look at it) that I read different books at different times. I have my “lunch break” book, my “before bed” book, my “whenever I can squeeze it in book.” I’m currently 20+ pages into a David Sedaris collection of essays, 70+ pages into the true-life-coming-to-the-big-screen Monuments Men, almost halfway through the 3rd book in the Divergent Series. Not to mention my stacks and stacks of yet-to-be-started books piled up around the house.

I have no intention of stopping. Mwahahaha! Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’d love it if my book fever would slow down a pinch. I don’t need to be hoarding all the good books and keeping others from reading them. That I need to work on. Besides, carrying all those books is hard work. So here is my public declaration: I will choose the books that I checkout more discerningly. I will attempt to stop hoarding books.

Thanks for bearing witness. Any fellow book hoarders out there? Who else reads more than one book at a time? It use to totally throw me off, but if I read the books in different locations, it seems to not be an issue.

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15 thoughts on “Bibliomania

  1. I’m definitely a book hoarder, as is my husband. It is rare for either of us to buy a new book because of our love for used bookstores, but that still happens too. Both of us are in the want to own it and reread it camp, though I’m the big repeat reader in the family. I treat books the way most people treat movies.

    I also speed read, though not intentionally. I’m just super fast at reading. The perk there is that it never takes me long to finish something. Because of that, I rarely read more than one book at a time.

    • I’m a repeat reader, too. Even though I know what’s going to happen, I still like rereading a good book. (Plus, it’s fun to look for clues and to pick up on things you missed in the previous reading.)

      I will say though that I’m not a fast reader. I wish I was!

  2. I am so a book hoarder! I also read different books at the same time. Sometimes I am ready for a serious read, or an emotional read and those aren’t always appropriate at lunch in the union. You have to pick different book depending on the ease and interruptions that may occur when reading said books.

    • I agree that serious books can only be read in certain places (for me at least). I get interrupted a lot when I read during my lunch break, so I like something that doesn’t necessarily have to be read all together. Right now it’s the David Sedaris book, which is a compilation of essays. If I get interrupted, it’s no big deal since there’s no plot.

  3. I can only do one book at a time, but wish I could do more. I’m currently reading The Returned. but I’ve been reading righ tbefore bed and I’ve been so tired that it takes everything I have to get through one chapter before I call it quits. I need to find more time to read. I read The Husband’s Secret in like three days though. Couldn’t put it down!

    • I’m adding “The Husband’s Secret” to my to-read list. (That list is almost as long as the list of books I’ve read.)

      I used to staunchly be a 1 book at a time girl. Seriously though, reading them in different locations makes all the difference. And it saves me from lugging books here and there. I leave one at work, one on my nightstand, etc.

  4. I almost always read more than one book at a time. Usually 3. And oh my god if I worked at a library, I would go even crazier. I could LIVE in a library. Books make good pillows, right?… who am I kidding. If I lived in a library, I would never sleep. So no need for pillows, problem solved!

    • Book make not only good pillows but good friends! That’s why I can’t quit – the possibility that the next book I read might be my next best friend. (That sounds a little more lonely than I intended it to, but you know what I mean.)

      Yes, working at the library is half the problem. I’m constantly inundated with interesting looking books. I can’t help it!

  5. Did Stephen threaten to call in the Book Hoarders tv crew again? Geez Amy, get it together!

    Seriously though, there could be much worse things in the world. I approve of your book hoarding! (Enabler. Oops!)

    Also, thank you for not telling us there’s a book in the bathroom. haha. Wait. OMG do rich people turn their bathroom mirrors or shower glass doors into e-readers? Genius!

    • Stephen is actually usually more of a hoarder than I am. (He is very sentimental and hates throwing things away. I’m more cut throat. But not when it comes to books!)

      I have no books in my bathroom, but it’s really just because my bathroom is small. ;)

  6. You come from a long line of book hoarders! I’m not much of a re-reader, but there are some books on my shelf that I want to read again, the rest are in a stack in the corner waiting for a trip to half price books to be discovered and loved by someone else. The stack is almost 3 feet high, so I really need to make that trip, but it will have to wait until after Wednesday.

  7. I, too, am a book hoarder! I usually only read one at a time. About the only time I have more than one going is if I have a hardcover . Don’t like to read those in bed, so I keep a paperback for night time.

  8. I have trouble reading more than one at a time- I end up gravitating towards one and the other gets seriously neglected (like poor Michale Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma that I’ve been supposedly reading for like 4 months).

    I love buying books, but that’s more because it’s what I collect- I try to keep by TBR pile down under 50, but with the holidays coming I know things are about to get out of control, since i generally ask for books.

    • If anyone said they read two books at once, I thought for sure it’d be you! But I see what you are saying about one book being the priority over the other. That may be why I’ve finished two different books while still only in the first third of Monuments Men.

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