EP Marathon Training – 69 Days to Go

It makes me smile to see the number of days between me and the El Paso Marathon shrink. I’m sure at some point it will make me nervous, but for now, I’m eager to get to the starting line. I can’t get too far ahead of myself, though – lets talk about this week!

Weekly Stats:

  • Total miles run so far during training: 92 (24 this week)
  • Geronimo’s total miles: 3
  • Interval run: 2 x 1200, 1 x 800. I cut this run short by about half. (I was supposed to do three more 800′s.) My tummy wasn’t feeling it. I think I needed to fuel better. Lesson learned.
  • Tempo run: 1 mile warm-up, 5 mile temp, .5 mile cool down, .5 mile walk. This run was fantastic. I got to run outside instead of on the treadmill; I think that made a big difference.
  • Long run: 14 miles. Best run of training so far!
  • Packets of Gu remaining: not many! I’ve had an entire box of chocolate Gu since I trained for Big D. Now I’m almost out. Time to buy another box!

Last week I mentioned that I needed to get my butt in gear in terms of my tempo runs. Part of the trouble is that tempo runs (starting off slow, running a set number of miles fast, and then finishing slow) are hard! It’s tough to get motivated to attempt a run that you already know is going to be difficult. (At least interval runs include recovery/rest portions.) Well, this week I did my tempo run first and I loved it. Yes, it was hard, but it was all the more rewarding when I had finished.

Tempo run! See how happy I look? That's genuine!

Tempo run! See how happy I look? That’s genuine!

My interval run on the other hand, didn’t go my way this week. I want to feel frustrated, but instead I just accept it. This is what keeps me coming back to running – the challenge. Even though I’ve been doing this regularly for 4 years (4 years!), I still don’t have it all figured out. I probably never will. But I love trying.

My long run, on the other hand, was one of those where I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing. It didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect (no wind!), and I fueled and hydrated like a champ in preparation. The goal was to run even splits. (Well, my first goal was to just run the distance, but I decided that was too easy. I knew I could go the full 14.)


I did it. I wrastled that run like it was a calf and I was an expert rodeo-er. (Just go with it.) There was no pain, no struggling, no mental bargaining. Just me pounding the pavement and singing along to my favorite songs. (Don’t worry, the singing was in my head. I know better than to unleash my vocals on the unsuspecting public.)

I’m relieved to finally run a distance beyond a half marathon. I needed the reassurance that I still got it. Now that I know that I do (got it, that is) I can keep focusing on running happy. (Now to just bottle up this positivity and save it for two months.)

Next week is a step-back week – huzzah! My goal is simply to go the full distance of each run. Knock on wood – should be easy.

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3 thoughts on “EP Marathon Training – 69 Days to Go

  1. Congrats on great training thus far!

  2. YEHAW! (Going with the rodeo bit). Good job!!

    What is it that makes you excited to run a marathon?

  3. I know this is from a zillion years ago, but I’m slowly catching up, and I had to comment on your first paragraph! When I first started training for Houston, I willed those days to get smaller and to go by more quickly. But then once we hit around 30 days out, I wanted time to go slower. Running is kind of silly like that. Or maybe it’s just me. :)

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