We Make a Life by What We Give

(A little Winston Churchill Quote to start your morning.)

Today is the 14th of December. According my math, that means I’ve made to beyond the halfway point of 25 Days of Giving! That’s right, I’ve completed 13 Gives! I’ve got a few to catch you up on, so let’s jump in.

(You can read about my first 3 gives here. The next 4 are here.)

Day 8: Wrote a letter for Forgotten Soldier Outreach


I won’t lie, this day I was slacking. Bedtime rolled around and I hadn’t given anything. I hopped online and found this website. They send care packages to deployed soldiers. Any letters submitted online get printed out and included in the boxes. Although I don’t feel that this was the most generous thing I’ve done, I think it will probably still mean something to the soldier who ends up with it.

Day 9: Blood Donation


This was a biggie. I made my appointment in advance. I signed up on the United Blood website. (I now have a “hero profile”!) There are certain things to keep in mind when donating blood (hydrate ahead of time, don’t take any aspirin two days before your appointment), so it was more involved than just showing up. Even though this one took more planning and forethought, I still don’t think it was demanding. I read my book for 15 minutes while the blood came on out. There were even snacks afterwards. I worried that I’d feel light headed or maybe even sicky, but I honestly felt perfectly fine the entire time. I’m even thinking that I’ll go back and donate once more when I’m eligible again in February. (You have to wait a certain number of weeks between donations and it just so happens that they day I can give again is the anniversary of the day Ben died. I think it’s a sign. A good one.)

Day 10: Clothing donation to Goodwill


I pulled items I haven’t worn in a while, particularly winter stuff, and dropped it off on my way to Wal-Mart.

Day 11: Poo-poo pick-up at the park


I always pick up after Geronimo because ew, why wouldn’t I? When we were at the park this day, I saw that not everyone had been so conscientious. I would have rather picked up trash, but there really wasn’t any. I certainly didn’t get all the poop, but I got enough to make a noticeable difference in my eyes. Then I thoroughly washed my hands. Blech. I probably won’t be repeating this one, but it did feel good to do something that I knew would have a real impact on my neighborhood. Maybe it’s a small impact, but I love that it was local.

Day 12: Supported worthy causes by writing my representatives and signing online petitions.


I’m not sure how effective writing to politicians is (I’ve done it before with no real response), but having my voice heard is important to me. It’s better than nothing, right? So while there’s no guarantee for real change, I did tell my congressmen that I’d be remembering their actions come voting time, and I mean it. (You can find your representatives here.)

Day 13: Monetary gift to the Fisher House


This is a really special one. According to their website, Fisher House helps military families by, “providing housing close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury.” They are helping people when that help is most needed! They were there to help a dear friend when her husband was injured in Afghanistan this year. I was all too happy to make a small donation in their honor to this great charity.

And the giving continues! You can follow along on Instagram. I’m hashtagging everything I give #25daysofgiving.

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2 thoughts on “We Make a Life by What We Give

  1. Ahh I was going to suggest giving blood! I love all this. Some of these I would never have thought of.

  2. Wooooooooooo! Go Amy Go Amy Go! What a baller. A giving-baller. Shall we create a secret hand shake/slap/bump to commemorate your awesomeness?

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